Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!

Excited! This was what I was feeling upon hearing that there would be a female cast of Ghostbusters, and not just because there was to be a female cast, but because one of said females was Melissa McCarthy and Chris Hemsworth would be joining the cast. Two of my favourite actors!

Overall I enjoyed it. The problem with looking forward to something so much is that you build it up in your head and when the time arrives to watch the movie–or read the book, whatever it is–I find it doesn’t always quite meet my expectations. I feel the movie improved as it went on and I very much liked it but I was left with this niggling voice in the back of my head saying that it wasn’t quite as amazing as I thought it would be. However, saying that, the only thing that I found really stuck out for me was that I felt some moments that were meant to be funny were a little over done. They bordered on a little too silly, like they were trying to be funny instead of just being funny, if that makes sense? Maybe it just wasn’t my kind of humour? I know Ghostbusters has a certain ‘silly’ element to it but these moments just didn’t work for me. There were many moments that were genuinely funny and did work.

I think I shall pen a list of what I loved…

  • The friendship between the characters was funny and felt real.
  • Melissa McCarthy was great as usual–as was everyone–but there’s a scene, which I won’t go into too much detail about, that ends up with Holtzmann hanging out of a window and McCarthys’ character changes during this scene… It’s hilarious! I can’t reveal anymore.
  • In amongst all the comedy there were real-life issues. Issues of friendships, people not believing in you, people trying to discredit you, and oh, you know, how best to save the world, amongst others.
  • Chris Hemsworth. This was a much different role for Hemsworth than others I’ve seen him play and although Kevin wasn’t my favourite character he’s played *cough Thor cough* I still laughed and liked Kevin. I was left wondering though, someone can’t be that dumb right? I don’t like to use the word ‘dumb’, but seriously… I liked the role reversal from the unintelligent, usually blond, female character. Sorry, Kevin, worst secretary ever.
  • Holtzmann’ fighting scene. This was my favourite Holtzmann scene! It. Was. So. Cool. Holtzmann kicked some ghost butt!
  • Some familiar faces. It was cool spotting the actors from the original movies. So funny seeing Bill Murray play this particular character.

Overall I really enjoyed the new Ghostbusters movie and wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel be made.

4 out of 5 stars.

Anyone been to see it yet? What did you think? Any Hemsworth fans out there? THOR! 


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