Fairy Loot – Pirates!

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Hello! Today I will be gushing about all the amazing goodies that are in the Fairy Loot July box. If you have ordered the July box but haven’t received it yet then I wouldn’t scroll down any further, but I don’t need to tell you that. Prepare yourselves to be blown away by the awesomeness of this box.

The July box has the theme of Pirates and Power and I had to have it–I’m like 99 per cent sure I was a pirate in a past life haha. I always seem to know the answers to questions about pirates and have no idea how I know them, so that can only mean one thing, right? I was a pirate in a past life. Seems pretty logical to me. 😉

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One of the first items I saw was this cute tote bag from Alice in Wonderbookland. It says ‘I Ship it’ and you can never have too many tote bags, right?

WP_20160706_20_40_31_Pro 1

FUNKO POP! I love the Funko Pops and sadly only own one so far–Sam Winchester–so was thrilled to see a Funko key-ring. I have never watched Game of Thrones *gasp* or read the books but I haven’t been living under a rock so have heard of this character. She’s bad-ass, right? Well, even if she isn’t, I’m going to imagine her with a sword, kicking ass, flying atop a dragon. There’s got to be dragons!

WP_20160706_20_37_00_Pro 1

I’m imaging this bath bomb as a cannon ball haha. All good pirate ships have a cannon and now they can all smell nice–pirates can get a bit smelly. This as well as the lip balm, which smells like coconut, are from Geeky Clean. The colours of the bath bomb tie in with the ARC, which I’ll reveal soon. I have actually just discovered Geeky Clean through the last #FairyChat and have another bath bomb on its way to me, along with unicorn poop–don’t ask, haha, visit their website and all will become clear. I have already used the bath bomb and the smell was divine; so fun to see the colours.

WP_20160706_20_29_32_Pro 1

This is one of my favourite items from the box! A notebook from the British Museum. It is beautiful! I have no idea what I’m going to use it for but I will find something. I love looking at it.

WP_20160706_20_45_42_Pro 1

This is a new product from Behind the Pages, whom sells some beautiful bookmarks and bookish soap I’m dying to get my hands on. This is a bookmark which says ‘Currently Reading’ and you can colour it in. You can really make it your own, using whatever colour scheme you like, making it one of a kind.

WP_20160706_20_15_54_Pro 1 WP_20160706_20_17_57_Pro 1

This box was made even more special–they’re all special though, each a special snowflake haha–because it had two books this time. One being an ARC. (I’ll talk about the ARC next.) The book above is Inherited by Freedom Matthews. This book has been on my radar so I’m glad I didn’t order it. It is a personalised, signed copy which came with a note from the author and publisher. It’s also an early limited edition, just for Fairy Loot customers. Ooh… Cool!

WP_20160706_20_55_33_Pro 1         WP_20160706_20_50_16_Pro

This is an ARC of Frostblood by Elly Blake being published in January 2017. There were two different covers circulated and I got the Fireblood one. This is a book I hadn’t heard of yet. I’m excited to read it and see what it’s like. It’s so cool getting ARCs.

Another great box from Fairy Loot! Look forward to buying another in the future. Must go, I’m very busy. It’s a full-time job captaining a ship, you know. See you on the high seas.

Isn’t it so incredibly cool? Anyone else buy this box or any previous boxes? 


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