Author Events: Part 2

Hello. Hello. Hello! I planned on writing Part 2 sooner but I have been abroad so this is a tad later than I wanted, but better late than never. So you may remember from Author Events: Part 1 I spoke about the awkwardness of meeting authors and the Pierce Brown event I went to at Waterstones Piccadilly… Well, I went and added more awkwardness into my life – I know, right? Why do I do it to myself – by going to another Pierce Brown event. Yes. That’s right. I got to meet Pierce Brown TWICE. Don’t get jealous now – hopefully, the giveaway at the end will ease your pain a little. 😉

The awesome Dani at Dani Reviews Things invited me to a private Howler party at Hodder and because of the extremely generous person that I am (haha), I got some swag for you AND got two of the items signed – more on that later. It was an amazing night! I met some new people, got some free swag, got a little tipsy and got to meet Pierce again. By some miracle I managed to utter more than one word to him but mostly the power of speech deserted me again. Oh, and one very surreal thing happened: I was part of a group hug WITH PIERCE BROWN! Dani, Anissa and myself somehow ended up in a group hug with him. Seriously a bizarre moment. OK. Now I bet you’re really jealous. Sorry, gloating is bad. I shall stop now. (Bad, Chantelle.)

Giveaway time!

So I have a signed Red Rising tote bag, two Hodder buttons and three posters (one is signed) to give away. The winner has 48 hrs to get back to me after I contact them, otherwise I will choose another winner. Also, I will not be accepting entries from those whom only enter competitions; I will be checking Twitter and if I see only competition entries, you will be disqualified. Sorry! UK and Europe only.

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4 thoughts on “Author Events: Part 2

  1. Still haven’t read Red Rising either! I haven’t been reading much of anything, besides uni reading that is… I suck. I’m too busy, and I hate it. I used to get really bad at author events. Pretty much tongue tied, but it’s gotten much better! Probably because I’m more confident and just really comfortable in my own skin. I bet you were fine though 😉 all that awesomeness that is you is hard not to like 😘


    1. Read it, Iris! 😉 Although, I’m assuming you probably won’t have much time at the moment. I hate being too busy to read; I always found it so difficult finding time to read anything other than textbooks etc. when I was studying.

      Aww, you say the nicest things! 😀 You’re awesome too!


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