Author Events: Part 1

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   Dark Societies – In Conversation With Pierce Brown at Waterstones Piccadilly.




Yes. That’s right. I had the pleasure of going to the Pierce Brown event – the author of the ‘Red Rising’ trilogy, for those of you who don’t know – on the 20th February in London for his first UK event. If you haven’t read Browns’ books yet then you should – you’re in for a treat. The event started with Pierce answering questions asked by Leila, the organiser of the Dark Societies event, followed by the audience asking questions and then a book signing.

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It was a fun night, a big part of this was due to Pierce being a delight to listen to. It becomes abundantly clear soon after Pierce starts to speak that he is an extremely intelligent person and also FUNNY – he had everyone laughing and to be honest seems to be the complete package, it really isn’t fair. But the purpose of this post isn’t actually to gush about Pierce Brown – but seriously, he seems like a really great guy and took the time to talk to each person – but was inspired by this event and is in fact about events in general and how nerve-wracking they can be.

It’s not often that I go to author events and truth be told, the main reason for this is because I’m a socially awkward fruitcake – that, and the fact that I hate public transport! Why can’t these events be held at places which I can drive to?! It takes time for me to truly feel comfortable around people so I’m usually awkward around strangers, but place me in a room with an author and I fall apart, haha. I work in retail and on occasion we get ‘celebrities’ come into the store and I’m pretty sure I’ve spoken to someone who is in a band – I’m like 98 per cent sure it’s him – and that doesn’t bother me much, maybe because I’m doing my job at the time, but when it comes to meeting authors it’s a whole other story. And, I’ve come to a conclusion: It’s because authors are my rock stars.

Where some people may get all flustered around their music idols, I get tongue-tied around writers. It’s not just due to the fact that I admire their work but the situation in which it all takes place: you find yourself approaching a table, occupied by a beloved author, waiting to get your books signed and you’re confronted with the giant question of “What do I say?!” Yes, maybe it’s a good idea to think of a question before hand…but what if you can’t think of one you like? Or you walk up there and you forget what you want to ask? Or, what if you’re so nervous that you can barely speak? In my case, the latter is definitely what happened. What’s so frustrating is, I come away from the event remembering what it is I would have liked to have said. When Pierce asked me who my favourite character is, why did I just say the same as my friend? (Dani @dani_reviews.) Although Sevro is definitely a favourite of mine – the dude makes me laugh! – why didn’t I mention how much I like Ragnor? and how my favourite moments from the books were often scenes between Darrow and Sevro? Why? Why? Why?

After events – or just after meeting new people – I find myself questioning the impression that I have made, although to be honest, it’s quite possible that no impression at all is made because authors meet A LOT of people and can’t be expected to remember everyone – unless they have a photographic memory, of course. Anyway, the point that I’m working towards – sorry I am getting there, I promise – is that even if you are a socially awkward fruitcake – or carrot cake, because Pierce said he likes carrot cake, haha. Me too! – don’t let these opportunities pass you by. Trust me, if I could survive the evening then you can too. Take along a family member or a friend as support – and leave them to do the talking, if you’re like me – and enjoy the experience. Hearing Pierce talk was definitely worth the trip!

A couple of days later I got to meet Pierce again, and yes, I was still incredibly nervous but I feel as though I did a little better, but more on that in ‘Part 2’ (and a giveaway).


Am I the only one that finds these events so incredibly awkward?Surely not, right? Let me know your experiences with author events – any embarrassing ones? Anyone else read the ‘Red Rising’ series? Did Morning Star make you cry? I did! Anyone met Pierce Brown? He’s a lovely guy, right?


10 thoughts on “Author Events: Part 1

  1. You’re definitely not the only one! Although the authors at the only event I’ve gone to were so chill, it wasn’t as bad as I expected. I’m still jealous that you got to meet Pierce Brown. Twice! I’m almost halfway done with Morning Star, but I was already crying while reading last night. D:


      1. I loved it!


        I was upset when it looked like Sevro was dead, so I’m relieved he wasn’t. I think one of my favorite parts was Sevro and Victra, especially that she asked HIM to marry her. xD I also like how things resolved with Cassius in the end, little Pax, and that Mustang is the one in power. 🙂 What did you think?


      2. OMG! I WAS DEVASTATED! I was in denial though because I didn’t believe he would stay that way so was so glad when I was right. Sevro and Victra are adorable, although I don’t think they’ve ever been called that lol.

        I actually spoiled the book a little for myself because I got so impatient that I flicked a little bit through the end and found out about little Pax. Lol. Never mind…. I didn’t mind how it ended – it was a good ending. Do you know that there will be another series set in this world? You probably already know.


      3. NOOOO, how could you do that? XD

        I did hear about the new series! I’m actually a bit frustrated that I heard about the news before reading Morning Star, because I felt as if it changed my expectations for the ending in some way. Still, I can’t wait to read it!


  2. You’re the yin to my yang. You can stand there mute and awkward while I babble on nervously and say things I later regret. XD

    I can’t wait to drag you around at YALC!!!!!!!!!


  3. Ew fruitcake. It’s a good thing I decided I liked you before you announced yourself as one, otherwise we would never be friends. 😉

    But yay for meeting Pierce Brown and going to events, even if you hate transpo and are awkward. I’m proud of youuuuuu! 😀


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