An Author Whose Work is Not to Be Missed!

Hello everyone! Did you have a good Christmas and new year? And if you don’t celebrate, did you have a good day off work while everywhere was closed? Basically, did you have a good day? Wow, that was a little long winded! I hope you all got lots of new books; not to brag, but I did – which I will write about in a Book Haul post at some point.

Lately I haven’t been feeling incredibly motivated, so just to let you know that my posts will probably be a little sporadic, but hey, I’m not disappearing all together. I’ve read some great books recently but I haven’t been in the mood to write a ‘proper’ review for any, so I decided I’m going to write a recommendation post, of sorts.

Normally, I don’t offer up tons of recommendations… Does anyone feel so attached to the books that they read that they get nervous about recommending them to people, for fear of that person not loving it? It seems silly because not everyone are going to like the same books…but still, I get nervous. Of course, if you ask me some of my favourite books – because who can choose just one, right? – I will list some, but I don’t really go around ‘forcing’ books I love on people. However, today I am going to recommend an author, so not just one particular book but any book written by this author – I haven’t read every book written by him, but I have a feeling they are all incredible. I am gradually making my way through his books. Enough of my waffling, the author whose work I’ve come to treasure is: Brandon Sanderson.

Are you thinking: Yes, I totally agree?!  The first book I read of Sanderson’s was the first in his ‘Mistborn’ series: The Final Empire. Then I went on to read the next two in the trilogy and just fell in love. Later, I found out there are more books in the ‘Mistborn’ universe; a spin-off series based on new characters in the future – the first of which I just read, which had me laughing and feeling emotional whenever characters were mentioned from the first ‘Mistborn’ trilogy. The next book of Sanderson’s I read, quite recently in fact, is Warbreaker. Each book I have loved!

So what is it that I love so much about these books, you may be wondering?Well, what isn’t to love? These books reel you in and don’t let go. Some people may find the start of the ‘Mistborn’ series a little slow but I don’t feel as though this hinders the series at all; Sanderson is building a whole world and he does it superbly, in a way which slowly draws you into the world making everything feel real. The series does not take place over a couple of days, but more like a year or so which I liked because it seems more realistic.

So, the first main element of his books I love is the world’s he creates and their unique magical systems and the second main element of his books that I love are the characters. Each character have their own personality. Each of them often flawed – which only makes them more real and dimensional – but also, each of them are lovable. They grow as people which is always wonderful to see unfold on the pages. They make me laugh… Now this is important! Some light humour is always appreciated. In the first trilogy of ‘Mistborn’ books I specifically remember Breeze making me laugh; in the second trilogy, I was recently giggling – not sure I like this word, but I’m going with it anyway, haha – reading the banter between Wax and Wayne and Marasi would then join in.

“‘Are you sure you’re all right?’ Marasi asked.
‘He’s fine,’ Wayne said, holding the door open for them. ‘got quite near my entire rusted back blown off earlier, if you’ll kindly recall, and I didn’t hear nearly an ounce of the sympathy you’re showin’ him.’
‘That’s different,’ Marasi said, walking past him.
‘What? Why? ‘Cuz I can heal?’
‘No,’ she said, ‘because–even after knowing you only a short time–I’m fairly certain that on one level or another, you deserve to get blown up every now and again.’
‘Oi,’ Wayne said. ‘That’s harsh.’
‘But untrue?’ Waxillium said, pulling on his coat. It was looking quite ragged.
‘Didn’t say that now, did I,’ Wayne said, and sneezed.”

LIGHTSONG! My dear, sweet Lightsong from Warbreaker. Have you read Warbreaker? Because if you haven’t, then you really should. Lightsong is so full of snark and is just hilarious AND has a huge heart also – even if he won’t really acknowledge that he’s a good person. He cares about people and it’s difficult not to like him.

So, basically, what I’m saying is…read a Brandon Sanderson book! Please?

Hands up if you’ve read a Sanderson book? Have you read any of his other book’s which aren’t mentioned above? A family member has just ordered me Shadows of Self, which is technically a birthday present – which isn’t for another 5/6 weeks – but this book I’m convincing them to let me have early, haha. See, I can’t wait to read it. Also, my wonderful Secret Sister just sent me Steelheart, which I can’t wait to read. 


9 thoughts on “An Author Whose Work is Not to Be Missed!

  1. Welcome back(ish)! I like the idea of doing a recommendation post. That’s what I was thinking of doing on the blog I’ve been cajoled into starting, haha. I also have no interest in writing ‘proper’ reviews.

    Brandon Sanderson is a great author to start with! I’ve read the Mistborn trilogy and the first two books in the Reckoners trilogy. I really liked The Final Empire, but I didn’t like the other two quite as much. I think I read them too quickly in a row, because I thought they got repetitive. I’d like to read them again, though, and then start the second series. Are you planning to read it?

    Is Warbreaker part of an unfinished series?

    Despite my issues with Mistborn, I read Steelheart and Firefight last year and LOVED them. I’m still reeling from their epicness, and I can’t wait for the final book. I hope you get to read Steelheart soon!


    1. WHAT?! You’re starting a blog? *Does a happy dance* Haha. When can we all expect to see this glorious blog?

      I think because the Mistborn books are so big, it’s probably not a great idea to read them back-to-back. You haven’t read the second trilogy in the Mistborn world then? Whenever Vin and co. are mentioned I get so emotional! Lol. The humour between the main characters is amazing! You need to meet Wax, Wayne and Marasi.

      Warbreaker is sort of part of a series; Sanderson has said he will write a companion(?) novel for it but he’s finishing up a lot of other projects so who knows how long we’ll be waiting – he has a lot of projects, haha. You should definitely read Warbreaker.

      Yes, I’m looking forward to Steelheart – a lot.


      1. Maaaaaybe. Don’t get too excited, I’m very nervous about it, haha. I have no idea what to post, and I’m so self-conscious about anything that’s public. Eep. It started out as a one-post deal, but now everyone is so excited about it (FOR SOME REASON I DON’T UNDERSTAND), and yeah… *hides* Also, the biggest problem I’ve facing is that I’m apparently incompetent and actually making a blog. I have no idea how anything works. XD

        I think it wasn’t the length so much as the fact that the magic which seemed so unique and fascinating in the first book became repetitive. I’m even more excited to read the second trilogy if Vin and everyone else gets mentioned! I really do like the characters. And yes, I keep hearing those names, so I need to meet them. 😀

        Okay, if it’s currently a standalone, I will be more likely to read it, haha.


  2. My first book was Warbreaker and I immediately fell in love with Lightsong. Later on, I read Elantris, and then I read the Mistborn trilogy, and recently I read Steelheart. I love his writing for the same reasons you do — his world-building is amazing, his characters are epic, and they make me laugh. Sometimes the pace does bother me, but he always manages to make it up with about twenty plot twists and a great ending!


  3. I have the first trilogy boxset, but I haven’t read any of it yet! THERE ARE SO MANY BOOKS I NEED TO READ. I wish I could take a month off work and just power through them all……….


  4. I hadn’t heard of these books at all! Sounds like a really good series though. I wish I didn’t have such a massive TBR already… These are going on my list of books I want to read! and then someday, when I power through the books I have here already, I’ll let myself order these, haha. Nah, I’ll try to get a copy of these books, see when I have the time to binge read them all 🙂


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