Book Review: Winter


Author: Marissa Meyer
Published: Puffin Books, 2015
Pages: 823
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Retelling, Science Fiction
Series: The Lunar Chronicles #4
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4.5 out of 5 stars
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Winter is the beloved princess of Luna, a princess unable to claim the throne but one still feared by her evil stepmother, Queen Levana. Often underestimated because of her mental instabilities, Winter proves she is capable of much more than some people give her credit for. Along with her new friends and long lost cousin Cinder, Princess Selene, she fights to bring down Queen Levana once and for all.

This is a BIG book. I mean, seriously, have you seen the size of it? I love it! “I like big books and I cannot lie”. There’s not too much to say other than I loved this ending to ‘The Lunar Chronicles’ series. There was only one, nit-picky, thing that I noticed and that was there were many POVs. In the beginning I think this maybe prevented me from being fully immersed in the book, but overall it worked really well.

Prepare now for a list of the reasons why I loved Winter.

  • Winter: The more we get to know Winter the more I like her. You come to see how incredibly sweet she is; she is always thinking of others. And it was nice to see her interactions with Jacin.
  • Humour: From Cinders’ sarcasm to Thornes’ and Ikos’ hilarious humour, you can’t help but laugh.

“See that eye roll? It translates to ‘How am I possibly keeping my hands off you, Captain?'”
“Yeah, keeping them from strangling you.”

  • Friendship: There are moments in the book where you will gasp and if you are like me will find yourself muttering, “No. No. No” but what really brought tears to my eyes was the beautiful friendship and love between characters. Iko’s dedication to Cinder is beyond admirable and just plain beautiful. The friendship between the group was so touching and Cress even managed to win over Jacin, a little, of all people.
  • Personality: Even though there are many characters, each one of their personalities shone through.
  • The villain: I despise Levana so it seems odd that I would include her in my list, but included she is because of how well written she is.

I closed the final page of Winter happy with the way it ended but also filled with a sadness because I won’t get to read about these characters lives anymore. Great characters – great writers – make you feel this way: even though you have finished reading, you feel as though their lives are still going on. I am reminded of Rainbow Rowells’ author note at the end of Eleanor and Park where she speaks about how she imagines the characters living on and that it is just this one adventure which has come to an end. This is how I feel: I can imagine Cinder and co. living their lives – we just don’t get to read about it. So very bittersweet.

Has anyone finished this monstrous size of a book yet? What did you think? Am I crazy imagining their lives going on? No, don’t answer that, haha.


3 thoughts on “Book Review: Winter

  1. I have! Phew, that was one big book. Did you have the paperback or the hardcover? I think the hardcover is slightly less massive, thankfully.
    Anyways, I gave it 4.25 stars, which is .25 more than I gave the other three, so I’d say that was a success! **SPOILERS** The ending was what really made me happy, with all the ships sailing. I love Cinder and Kai, though Sana and I are apparently in the minority with that opinion. Thorne and Iko’s humor were also highlights for me.
    I think it was unnecessarily long, and there were a few things that really bugged me (which I won’t get into unless you’re curious), but overall it was a fun finale to a fun series.
    Are you looking forward to the set of novellas? See, the story IS continuing on. 🙂


    1. I have the paperback. I’m glad you enjoyed it overall! The characters are just so darn adorable! Yes, I feel as though I have closure (?) with that ending but I want more, so I am happy about the set of novellas. What? We’re in the minority about Kai and Cinder? I love them together! I didn’t know that many don’t.

      I kind of liked the length, mainly because I got to remain in that world longer 😀 I’m always curious to hear your thoughts 😀


      1. You like Kai and Cinder, too?! *high fives*

        Oh man, do I even remember at this point? XD

        I still find the Thorne-Cress ship a little sketchy. Cress seems so young and is definitely socially naive, so I feel as though her relationship with Thorne is imbalanced. Marissa Meyer makes it so hard not to ship them, but my head tells me it’s wrong.

        It bothered me that Winter didn’t have much more to her character than being “beautiful.” I know she’s supposed to be Snow White and that’s her thing, but the other girls were developed more thoroughly than their fairy tale characters.

        Even though I like Scarlet and Wolf, and even though it’s mutual, I (unsurprisingly) don’t like that they kept talking about “belonging to” each other.

        I think I’ve already forgotten the other things now, haha.


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