Bookish Items Haul

So recently, I took advantage of some deals there were on Redbubble and Society6. I bought myself an art print from Risa Rodils‘ shop on Redbubble and was bought some early Christmas presents from my mum and nan. I’ve been meaning to post pictures on Twitter, but haven’t got round to it so thought I’d make a blog post out of it.

WP_20151105_12_14_32_Pro 1
This is from Risa Rodils’ shop. After seeing this, I loved it and thought that it was apt considering the name of my blog.

WP_20151105_12_21_18_Pro 1

This art print – and everything else going to be shown after – is from The Art of Young Adult on Society6. Isn’t it beautiful? I had to have a print of Blue and Gansey! Everyone chant with me: GANSEY WILL NOT DIE! Seriously, I don’t know if my heart can survive if he dies.

WP_20151105_12_23_20_Pro 1

Welcome to Space. Isn’t this cool? Meet all the amazing women from ‘The Lunar Chronicles’.

              WP_20151105_12_26_58_Pro 1             WP_20151105_12_30_05_Pro 
his is my new tote bag. Love this quote!

WP_20151105_12_31_08_Pro 1

Isn’t this just divine?! IT’S CATH AND LEVI! This is a pillow/cushion cover. Look at them: aren’t they adorable?

WP_20151103_13_34_19_Pro 2

WP_20151103_13_37_03_Pro 2

Oh, and look what I bought. I couldn’t resist; I got it at a discounted price at £12. It’s beautiful!

Anyone else ever bought any bookish items from these online stores? Do you have the new HP edition?


4 thoughts on “Bookish Items Haul

  1. These are great! I love the Cath and Levi print, I’ve seen that before. And of course the Raven Cycle ones. (Such a good quote.) But THAT BOOK. Oh man. I haven’t even seen it in real life yet. Is it as gorgeous as you were expecting? I haven’t bought anything from these shops, but I will definitely be getting my secret sister a bookmark from Crini’s SkinnyHues Etsy store before the end. Hers is by far my favorite. 🙂


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