Up, Up and Away

So if you don’t know, there is a Goodreads fan club for Elise Kova’ ‘Air Awakens’ series and if you haven’t read Air Awakens, then you should – we cannot be friends until you have. (Just joking. Or am I? Haha.) The fan club moderators have organised a little ‘Air Awakens’ tour to promote this awesome series. The series involves magic – YAY – which involves different infinities. You can take the quiz here to see which affinity you probably belong to or you can choose which one you want to belong to. I took the quiz a while ago and got Waterrunner which doesn’t really surprise me and I would love to have this affinity but today I’m going to choose the other affinity I would love to have and that is Windwalker.

Firstly let me show you the different affinity descriptions (all taken from the Goodreads fan club, along with their beautiful graphics).

You are most at home in open spaces and have no fear of heights. The wind is your greatest ally and with it you can levitate objects and listen to whispers. You do not enjoy being pent up and value freedom highly.

You have a deep connection with the world and no one can hold you back. Many covet your power to Project your mind beyond your body and manipulate greater forces of magic.

You are just like: Vhalla Yarl

You are able to control water. This is more than just channeling the tides or lifting liquid from a glass. You are able to harden the water droplets in the air forming ice weapons to use in combat. Naturally, the chill doesn’t bother you. You’re a strong swimmer, but even if you weren’t you would have no fear of drowning, the water can’t hurt you.

You aren’t easily deceived, as some of the most gifted Waterrunners can manipulate water in the air to refract illusions. You also are at peace with the past, hearing its whispers in ripples and waves.

You are just like: Fritznangle Charem

Your emotions run hot and people know you have fire in your veins. You can be a warm heat to those who get close to you. But, when crossed, that warmth can easily turn into an inferno. In a scrap you prefer to fight with your fists, alight with fire, over weapons.

You think deeply about the future because you can hone your ability to see along the red lines of fate that connects everyone in the world. Perhaps you keep this gift of future-seeing to yourself. Or, perhaps you sell it in a Curiosity Shop.

You are just like: Crown Prince Aldrik and Larel Neiress

Stubborn and rigid once you set your mind to something you are not easily moved. Your magic powers are not as flashy as others but it leads people to underestimate you and that is their downfall. Swords like words fall right off you and your stone skin. You’ve likely been trained well in some form of weaponry making you a practical soldier to keep around.

Adding to your utility, your affinity gives you magical sight and the ability to read other people’s bodies like books. You are just as likely to save someone from death by telling their liver to produce more blood as you are to poison them with a drink made more potent with your magic.

You are just like: Elecia Ci’Dan

Okay, so on to why I chose Windwalker as my chosen affinity. I wish to fly. That is it. The only reason. Oh, how I envy birds their ability to fly. To soar about the ground, up in the clouds; to have everything look so far way – awesome!  Now, I’m not sure Vhalla can actually fly, but with some practice I don’t see why not. She works with wind, air…and that should allow her to fly right? To work with the air and flow through the sky? This is my reasoning anyway…

We are also suppose to mention what we would do for the day with these abilities…and well, my feet probably wouldn’t touch the ground all day after I had mastered how to fly – I’m sure it wouldn’t take too long to master, haha. I’d fly with the birds, maybe throw some water balloons on some unsuspecting people (I’d never do that 😉 ) and just enjoy the view.

Elise is hosting an Air Awakens read-along on Facebook from 25th October – 15th November if you would like to join in. You can also take a look at the book here on Goodreads.

Has anyone already read Air Awakens? What affinity did you get/ choose? (Watch out for the water balloons, haha.)


10 thoughts on “Up, Up and Away

  1. Flying would be awesome… seeing the world from a different perspective and all, I imagine it would be beautiful, so I definitely understand why you chose Windwalker! 🙂
    And waterballoons on unsuspecting people *gasp* shame on you haha. I’d totally join you though 🙊


  2. WOOHOO TEAM WINDWALKER! Yeah, flying would be the greatest thing ever! And I love the idea of dropping things on people. 😀 Maybe I’d be nice and drop sweets around playgrounds or something.


  3. I still haven’t read this book, but I got water when I took the quiz. I remember I said it was inaccurate because I’m always cold. After reading the other descriptions, I think I’m a combination of fire and wind. Haha, if we ever have a big blogger (or not-blogger) meetup in England, we should totally have a water balloon fight. XD


  4. I haven’t even HEARD of this series. *hides in terror* PLEASE STILL BE MY FRIEND, OMG. I’ll look it up right away! 😛 I think I want to be a windwalker too though…because flying. (If they can do it. haha.) I’ve always been obsessed with Peter Pan and his ability to fly. SO YEAH. If not that, maybe a groundbreaker?! I can be quite stubborn. XD


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