Please Don’t Take My Characters Away!


Okay. Have you ever read a book, which is a part of a series, fell in love with the characters, looked up the sequel, only to find out that the next book is no longer focused on the characters you fell in love with? Those characters have practically been taken away from you. WHY? I ask (or scream) do authors do this?

It is understandable if an author wants to explore a particular character more, but isn’t this what a spin off series is for? I mean Joss Whedon did this with Angel – this isn’t only something that happens with book series, but also TV and movies. A lot of the time though, it annoys me when they change an actor. Angel left Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which left me devastated, but he did pop up in episodes now and then and there were times that Buffy crossed over into an Angel episode. I think that if an author wants to explore another character more, then I would prefer it if they do this in a spin off series.

Not too long along, I read These Broken Stars; it had a little bit of a rocky start for me, but all in all I liked it. When I learnt more about the sequel, I came to learn that it does not focus on Lilac and Tarver. This is just annoying! When I come to eventually read the sequel, there’s a good chance I will like it, but I want to read about the two main characters I have come to really like. Also, it is possible for authors to include other characters and still have the main characters very much present. ‘The Raven Cycle’ is a good example of having a good balance. Each book is told from the POV of one of the group of friends – and if I remember rightly, sometimes even includes the POV of the villain – while still having all main characters present.

These Broken Stars is not the only book whose characters I will miss when reading the sequel. It is no secret that I am a big Graceling fan, so imagine my shock when I found out that Fire and Bitterblue, the sequels, do not focus on Katsa and Po. I think they may make appearances at some point – I’m not completely sure – but I want to continue with Katsa and Po’s adventures. So, to end this little rant, I will just say: please don’t break my heart and take away those characters that I have come to love.

Who agrees with me? Whose heart is broken when their favourite characters are taken away from them and they have to continue through the books’ world, hardly ever meeting those they love again?


8 thoughts on “Please Don’t Take My Characters Away!

  1. I’m having a hard time coming up with series where I was really disappointed. I was pretty indifferent toward These Broken Stars, so I didn’t care that much. (Although I do prefer Tarver and Lilac.) I didn’t *love* Graceling (even though I LOVED Po, and I need to do a re-ead), but Fire is one of my absolute favorite books. I wasn’t sad at all, I really liked how Kristin Cashore set up the series. (You really need to read Fire!!) The only other one I think of where the characters change within a series (rather than a spin-off) is The Sevenwaters trilogy. I would have loved a million more stories about the original characters, but I absolutely love the sequels, so I wouldn’t change anything.


    1. Wait. You didn’t love Graceling?! How can this be? 😉 You do get points for loving Po though. Yes, I really do need to read Fire, but I think maybe I have put it off because it isn’t focused on Katsa and Po.


  2. I’m not really a fan of books where they change the main character in the second book. Like, I loved the first book because of this character and I got invested in them, and now you’re telling me I have to follow a different character around? It will annoy me in the beginning, but if the book is good enough, I’ll drop it after a while. Although if the book is less than good, I’ll keep holding it against the book hahaha.


  3. I never really thought about this, but you are so right! It’s always a bit annoying when your favorite characters are taken away from you. I think These Broken Stars is a great example of that (although, I’ll admit I did grow to love Jubilee and Finn in the 2nd book); and Heroes of Olympus as well. Thanks for sharing this and, as always, fabulous discussion! ❤


    1. I haven’t read the second book, and I don’t want to know these Jubilee and Finn; I want Lilac and Tarver *she says with her sulking face* Okay, sulking’s over… Maybe I will also grow to like these new characters, but I still want Lilac and Tarver. 😀

      Thanks so much Zoe!


  4. I definitely agree! There are some books where the characters disappear and I wish they had come back for more. I do love it a lot when the old characters make cameo appearances though. In the Anna and the French Kiss series, Stephanie Perkins has a new batch of characters each time, but the old ones do make an appearance which made me so happy 😀


    1. The thing is though, that I don’t just want cameos; I want them to still be around a LOT – I want it all, Olivia, lol.

      I’ve never read a Stephanie Perkins book, but have always wanted to.


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