A New Show that I Love and a Character I Admire


As well as books, I love TV; I love a variety of shows, but what I really love is when intelligent shows are created. This is probably why I loved The Newsroom so much, as it involved so much intelligent dialogue and current issues. Did anyone watch The Newsroom? Such a shame it’s over. A new show airing now is Madame Secretary, featuring Téa Leoni as you guessed it: the Secretary of State for the United States.

I was instantly taken with Madame Secretary. The characters; the casting of said characters; the intelligence of the show. So, if you haven’t seen this show yet, I’ll attempt to succinctly sum it up: It focuses on the American state department and the Secretary of States’ job and family life. (Wow, I surprised myself with how succinct I was there.) The main reason, I think, I have become enamoured with this show is because I have a girl-crush on Elizabeth McCord (Madame Secretary.) This woman I believe is a role model. I worry sometimes that there are not enough female role models on TV. If only there were more role models for younger audiences. I have nieces and a younger sister and worry about what and who they see on TV; lets face it, kids like to watch TV – I like to watch TV, so can’t really judge – and I just wish that there were more role models for young people. Anyway…I have digressed just a little….

Back to Madame Secretary. Elizabeth is an ex CIA analyst, personally selected by the President to be the new Secretary of State. Elizabeth is smart, funny, tenacious, caring, strong and a force to be reckoned with. We see her finding her feet in her new job; having to juggle work and home life – it’s funny because she has a son whom is an anarchist – and see her try to move among the political world while retaining her ethics. She’s not 100 per cent perfect – who is? – but this just makes her human. She along with her husband, Henry, struggle with parenting issues and all that their jobs involve, which makes it real.

Speaking of Henry; I love him. I love them as a couple. They are just awesome. He is a wonderfully ethical, caring and supportive person. They really are a great couple but they are also great individuals.

The show deals with world issues and will have you outraged at times. You will laugh and cry watching this show. Elizabeth handles this all with a fierce determination, while always trying to do the right thing. I admire her greatly and look forward to seeing what unfolds.

Anyone seen this show? Do you have a TV role model?

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2 thoughts on “A New Show that I Love and a Character I Admire

  1. I have never seen or even heard of this show myself before, but I will definitely be checking it out now to see what it is like. It’s always great when a character is so realistic that it’s almost as if you know them. And as you said, it’s the flaws that can make them so.


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