Winner Wednesdays

Winner Wednesdays

Winner Wednesdays are a monthly (possibly every-other-month, depending on whether or not I’ve loved any books or movies in a particular month) where I will list any books, movies and possibly even songs that were winners for me that month. I will try to only list those that have really stood out for me – otherwise, it will likely end up being a really long list. I mean… it’s rare for me to hate a book that I read.


  • All Fall Down by Ally Carter – I loved this book. It was an easy, quick read in a way, but also dealt with serious things such as murder. I loved the characters – especially Noah – and found the Embassy Row setting so fascinating. I can’t wait for the sequel, because this book has definitely stuck with me. See my review here.
  • I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson – This is such a beautiful book. Although in the very beginning, I found it a little difficult to get into, it soon changed and I absolutely fell in love. The art leaps right of the page – it’s just so vivid. See my review here.
  • Kinslayer by Jay Kristoff – This is a great and satisfying sequel to Stormdancer. Sequels often get a bad reputation for not being as good as the first, but not this one; it was definitely not disappointing. See my review here.
  • A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab – Magic! Regular readers may have realised by now that I love magic, and part of the reason why I liked this book was because of the magic, but also because of the characters. I miss them.  You can see my review here.
  • The ‘Drake Chronicles’ by Alyxandra Harvey – I actually just reread this series and must mention them. I do not hear enough about Alyxandra Harvey and that must be rectified! This is such a fun and easy read series. I absolutely adore it! I LOVE all the characters and am often laughing while reading it. As I reread it, I noticed how a few characters fall in love rather fast, but I will ignore that because of how much I love these characters.
  • Messenger of Fear by Michael Grant – This book is very strange, gruesome and just kind of…awesome. I found myself quite gripped by this story. Review coming soon.


  • Jurassic World – This was just a fun, exciting blockbuster movie. I loved how much I was rooting for the dinosaurs.


  • ‘Shut Up and Dance’ by Walk the Moon – so catchy. Every time I hear it on the radio, it gets stuck in my head.
  • ‘Wings’ by Birdy – OMG, people, I just found out who sings that song in the Lloyds Bank advert! So if you follow me on Twitter (@Oh_thestories), you may have seen my tweet about how this advert makes me tear up every time I see it; I do believe that it’s the combination of storytelling, horses – I love horses – and the music. I had no idea the song was sang by Birdy.
  • ‘Photograph’ by Ed Sheeran – Ed Sheeran makes beautiful music and this song is no exception.

What have you read, seen or listened to recently that you loved? Any of those listed above? 


8 thoughts on “Winner Wednesdays

  1. Oh, I love this feature! This sounds really fun. 🙂

    I actually randomly read the third Drake Chronicles book, Out for Blood, because my friend bought it without realising it was a sequel and I borrowed it from her. It was really good! I thought it was really funny and I’d love to give the full series a try.

    Songs I really liked this month: ‘Listen to the Man’ by George Ezra (also watch the videoclip if you’re a fan of Ian McKellen!) and ‘We Come Running’ by Youngblood Hawke.


    1. Thanks, Inge, I’ve posted a couple so far and it’s actually quite helpful in helping me to think about and remember what I’ve read and liked recently – although, of course Goodreads helps with this.

      Oh, yay! Quinn and Hunter: they’re awesome! When I read it, I can always picture Quinn laughing as he’s fighting 😀 It also makes me laugh that he calls Hunter Buffy. You should read the rest and see what you think.

      The George Ezra video makes me laugh.


  2. Love this collection! I haven’t read any of those books actually DD: But some of those are on my TBR and I intend to read them! Michael Grant is one of my fave all time authors because I just love his Gone series and Bzrk as well! I can’t wait to try Messenger of Fear at some point, and for some reason I own book 2 xD But I will get to number one!

    Jurassic world was an ahmazing movie! I absolutely loved watching it, and I think they did such a good job with showing more of a dinosaur presence in the movie as well. It was more the story of the dinosaurs than the humans this time round. Loved it completely, but it still doesn’t compare to the originals!


  3. This was such a great list! There are some books I feel like I have to check out like a Darker Shade of Magic. There is so much hype and just reading that sentence you put in can’t make me deny that I would enjoy it very much. I think this is a really cool idea, keep it up! 🙂


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