Cinderella Book Tag

Can you believe that I got tagged for the first time to participate in a book tag? The amazing Megan over at Adrift on Vulcan tagged me to do the Cinderella Book Tag. I only wish I was as good with graphics as Megan is. You should definitely check out her blog if you haven’t already. Here goes…

Evil Stepsisters
A Book with Characters you Hate

WIN_20150623_174551         WIN_20150408_160527

I’m torn between these two books. I really hate some of the awful characters in Kinslayer but I also really despise Queen Levana and I have an issue with Adri and the way in which she treats Cinder. They’re just horrible people, okay.

Prince Charming
A Book with a Gentleman

WIN_20150623_175515         Fangirl

Okay, so I have pretty bad book amnesia, but have managed to think of these two. Yes, two because I love these characters too much to choose between them. So firstly, Noah from All Fall Down by Ally Carter. He is just so adorable! He appoints himself Grace’s best friend when she needs one the most – he may have been asked but he truly is a great friend to Grace. He does the gentlemanly thing and tries to escort her home after she clearly becomes distraught. He’s also hilarious!

I can’t forget Levi. He’s practically perfect – yes, there’s that one stupid blemish on his record, but we shan’t talk about that. After reading Fangirl I found myself wondering if this guy will only ever be a work of fiction, and if one actually exists in real life?

A Character that is Graceful, Kind and Defiant

Cress (The Lunar Chronicles, #3)

This was the most difficult one for me. I found it hard thinking of a character who fit all three and I think Cress is probably the closest.

Fairy Godmother
A Character that Always has Someone Looking Out for them


Yes, I’m including this book again – its been on my mind ever since I read it recently. Grace seems to have a lot of people looking out for her – even if she doesn’t ask for it, or even knows about it.

Helpful Creatures
Something that Makes you Happy when you’re Sad

6707693         WIN_20150416_170031

Reading in general makes me happy, even when I’m crying because of a book, but books that come to mind are any books by Alyxandra Harvey. Whether I’m laughing and swooning when reading the ‘Drake Chronicles’ books or enjoying reading about magic in Victorian England in the ‘Lovegrove Legacy’ books, Harvey’s books just make me happy.

A Character with a Transformation


Meghan goes through a transformation I think and ends up ruling a kingdom.

A Book you didn’t Care for


I recently read this and just couldn’t fully connect with it. The first half of the book, sadly, didn’t pull me in; it did improve but I don’t know…there was something ‘off’ about this book.

A Book with an Ending you didn’t See Coming

WIN_20150416_164813         WIN_20150509_125511

Sorry, I can’t seem to stick to just the one book.

Just Breathe
Something that Inspired you to be Courageous

The Fault in Our Stars

Now, this is a sad story, no doubt about it, but it is also about living the time that you do have in this world to the fullest. It isn’t necessarily about how much time you have, but what you do with it – little infinities. Hazel and Augustus provide me with some courage to go and live my life to the fullest. This is the one book that I have reread the most – maybe I should read it more, to continue to provide me with courage.

Happily Ever After
A Book with a Perfect Ending


I loved this book and thought that it had a good ending. I also liked that there wasn’t a big cliffhanger; it wrapped it up nicely, but left you still wishing to keep reading about this world.

I’m actually going to tag people, even though I’m not completely sure who has done the tag – if you have already done this tag, then leave a link so I can see it and if you haven’t, then don’t feel obligated to do it, if you don’t want to.

I tag:
Asti @Oh, the Books!
Cait @Paper Fury
Kara @Diary of a Teen Writer
nd anyone else whom wants to participate.

What books would you choose for these categories? Anyone else done this tag yet?


18 thoughts on “Cinderella Book Tag

  1. I love the sound of this tag! I actually have to agree with you when it comes to books with characters you didn’t like – there was plenty not to like about Queen Levana and also Adri. Also, I think that I agree again when it comes to a book you didn’t care for. Uglies wasn’t my thing, but I did read the sequel and enjoyed it well enough. Not sure if I will or won’t continue the series after that, but maybe.


  2. Oh, I agree about Queen Levana and Adri, they’re just horrible through and through. I actually did like Uglies, but it’s been years since I’ve read it, and the series got worse for me. I would probably go for the obvious route and choose Umbridge for characters I hate!


  3. I didn’t like the Uglies series at all! I did keep reading after the first one, but I eventually gave up. They got worse, not better.

    Hahaha, we are clearly not on the same page about ACOTAR. 😉

    Leviiiiii ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


      1. Somehow I missed this comment. Anyway, I don’t like when abusive/controlling relationships are romanticized. I also didn’t like the Twilight-esque ending. There’s a lot more I could get into, but since you like the book, it’s not worth it. 🙂 I might have liked it a lot more if I hadn’t seen several scathing reviews before reading the book, haha.


      2. Ah, I think if people are going to have an issue with this book, then this is the main reason why. I also don’t like abusive/controlling relationships being romanticised, but I didn’t really read it this way – everyone are different, I suppose. It is also a Beauty and the Beast retelling… I feel as though he was never really cruel towards her and she was free to leave but just not back to the human realm – I suppose there are consequences to killing a living creature/Faery, I completely understand why she did what she did though. There was much more to Tamlin and much more that was going on that the reader doesn’t find out about until later on. Because there was so much that he wasn’t really able to tell her, it made him come across as quite controlling when he was actually trying to protect her in many instances, I think. There was that one moment where he was…lets say, not himself because he was under the influence of magic/a spell – I only let him off on that one instance because of the magic. Omg, I never made any connection between the ending and Twilight, but at least there was no baby involved 😀

        I haven’t read any scathing reviews for it, just a few in the middle reviews. I’m sorry you didn’t like it. My feminist side is currently trying to remember what happened and wondering if I shouldn’t like it.


      3. Hahahaha, excellent point about the baby.

        Like I said, I definitely might have ignored all of the feminist red flags had I read it without reading those reviews, so I know what you mean. I think it’s easy to justify either side, really. I still haven’t decided if I’ll try the next book or not… Also, I think you as a feminist CAN enjoy problematic books as long as you recognize the parts that are a problem. That’s where books for young readers can be tricky, though. You and I as adults can see something, enjoy it in a book, and realize that in real life it wouldn’t be okay. But I’m not sure if ALL pre-teens/young teens or even older teens can. I don’t want to say “books are dangerous” by any stretch of the imagination, but I do think authors need to be careful about their target audiences. My library shelved ACOTAR in the adult section, which I think was the right choice. That’s not to say teens can’t read it, but not every teen has the same mental maturity or can differentiate between fiction and reality.


      4. I agree: I don’t believe in censorship, but I do think that people should be careful about what kids read (and what they watch on TV). I wouldn’t let my sister or nieces read ACOTAR – they’re still young, so wouldn’t be reading it anyway, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable them reading it until they are at the end of their teen years. I do think it’s NA instead of YA, but have seen it labelled as YA. When I went to the library, it was in the YA section on display facing out, which I don’t agree with. Well done to your library for having it in the adult section.


  4. Levi is so totally a gentlemen. :’) I LOVE LEVI. I basically just love every single polka dot of that book afjdklsa Cath is my spirit animal and Regan just rules. ANYWAY. 😉 Thanks for the tag!! I hadn’t even heard of this on yet and I do love an epic tag *dances*


  5. Oh, what a fun tag! I’m so with you on FANGIRL for Prince Charming – Levi is the perfect gentleman, through and through. (We are overlooking that one teensy thing, because everybody makes mistakes – and besides, it all turned out okay in the end! They lived happily ever after! 😉 ).


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