Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong to?

Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong to-The ‘Harry Potter’ series took over the world (I don’t mean that there are giant ‘Harry Potter’ books roaming the world and conquering it or that the characters have come out of the book – this isn’t Ink Heart. Just that, the books and movies became astronomically popular. Fear not, my friends, you aren’t going to be crushed by giant books or have to deal with Voldermort), and many people remain a fan long after. Like many others, I am a fan – I spent my last birthday at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. See post about it here – but up until very recently, I hadn’t joined Pottermore. *Gasp* I know. I know. Some of you may be thinking: You call yourself a fan? I don’t know why I haven’t joined… Is it possible that I, like Harry – look at me, I can relate to Harry Potter – was worried about which house I would be sorted into? We don’t get a choice like Harry – Gryffindor was the one he really wanted and the Sorting Hat took that into consideration.

For those of you who haven’t been on the Pottermore site, have you chosen what house you consider yourself to be a member of? And for those of you who are on Pottermore, did you get a different house to the one you considered yourself a member of? I have always considered myself a Gryffindor. I mean, hello, Harry Potter is a member… They seem to be loyal, smart and brave. So, I joined Pottermore, answered the questions for the Sorting Hat and got…


I thought… Well, I’m not really sure what I thought… I mean, as disasters go, this really isn’t major, but I wanted Gryffindor. I wanted my assumptions to be confirmed. But, you know what? I no longer mind too much. I still consider myself a Gryffindor – I’m both. (Don’t tell me I can’t be both!) Hufflepuff gets along best with Gryffindor, so I most certainly am both! When you are sorted into a house you receive a welcome message; I won’t reveal any Hufflepuff secrets (they’re all very top secret ;)), but I will reveal some things from my welcome message.

“First of all, let’s deal with a perennial myth about the place, which is that we’re the least clever house. WRONG. Hufflepuff is certainly the least boastful house, but we’ve produced just as many brilliant witches and wizards as any other.” Do you hear that? Us Hufflepuffs are modest, intelligent people. There are many successful Hufflepuffs – did you know the “world authority on magical creatures” is a Hufflepuff? Newt Scamander is his name; I assume many have heard of him as Eddie Redmayne is going to be playing him in the new ‘Harry Potter’ spin-off movies.

“Hufflepuffs are trustworthy and loyal. We don’t shoot our mouths off, but cross us at your peril; like our emblem, the badger, we will protect ourselves, our friends and our families against all-comers. Nobody intimidates us.” Wow, who knew I was so much like a badger?

This would be me. (Although, I don't want kids, so replace 'daughter' with mum, niece etc. Source
This would be me. (Although, I don’t want kids, so replace ‘daughter’ with mum, niece etc. Go, Molly!

Also, our house has produced the fewest Dark witches and wizards – so stick that in ya pipe and smoke it. (Wow, I’m in a feisty mood, aren’t I? Haha, just ignore me. No, don’t. I’ll get upset. Where does that saying even come from anyway? Anyways, moving on.)


Sorry, that’s all I can reveal: you don’t have security clearance to know anymore. So, I’m not quite sure what point I was working towards, maybe don’t be too quick to assume you’ll be disappointed…? I’m proud to say I’m a Hufflepuff! (And a Gryffindor.)

Look I have Harrys wand, so am definitely a Gryffindor. That is a Gryffindor bookmark as well.


Are you on Pottermore? Lets be Pottermore friends? What house do you belong to Dear Readers? You’re all welcome here – even Slytherins, just keep it civil, yes? This is my first time using gifs – how did I do? Should I keep using them? I was nervous about using gifs and any copyright there might be, that I emailed Cait over at Paper Fury to ask where she gets gifs from. (Thanks Cait).


18 thoughts on “Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong to?

  1. I’m excited to see you stand up for your house! Hufflepuff gets a ton of crap, but I believe J.K. Rowling herself said she would be in Hufflepuff. Plus, there’s Cedric Diggory too, and he was super brave and knowledgable and all that.

    I’m in Ravenclaw! I love that house, although I’m not a fan of having to answer a riddle every time I enter my dorm. I am really bad at riddles…

    If you want to add me, I’m StormGhost50 😀


    1. I don’t understand why Hufflepuff gets so much crap. See, take that haters: Rowling herself would be Hufflepuff. Thanks for the info, Inge! 😀 I don’t think I would be very good at riddles either.

      Next time I’m on there – which actually isn’t very often – I’ll definitely add you.


  2. Ahhh, I wish I had the money to go and visit the HP Studio Tour or the HP theme parks in the US! But I live in Asia and traveling is the most expensive thing in the world ever. D: And I’m not that much better either — I joined Pottermore when it first opened, got hooked on it for a couple of months, but now I haven’t been on there in like a year. So I haven’t played any of the later chapters at all. Oops… I’m such an amazing fan, right? T_T

    But my house is Slytherin! (Don’t give me that “even Slytherins” crap now, okay? ;D) I know I wanted to be in either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, but probably only because they were portrayed as the “good” houses in the books. Now, though, I think Slytherin really is the best house for me. I’m the more cunning (and possibly manipulative) type, and I guess I do have that dark side Slytherins have… I’m glad that you’re proud you’re in Hufflepuff though! It’s definitely the most underrated house and deserves more love and less scorn.

    I had to go search through my email for my username — I swear they’re impossible to remember — but here it is if you want to add me too: WaveStorm13759! (And I loved this post even though it didn’t have a particular goal!)


    1. I wish I could afford to go to the US theme parks. The wand I have is actually from the US; my dad, stepmum and little sister went recently and brought it back for me – sadly, I was unable to go. I hate that it’s so expensive to travel! 😦

      Oh no, a Slytherin! 😉 I know: why do they make the usernames so difficult to remember? Next time I’m on there, I will definitely add you. Thanks, Megan! 🙂


  3. I would be so happy if there were giant Harry Potter books roaming around. Even more so if the characters came to life.

    I don’t understand how Pottermore works. Where are all the extra stories and character tidbits? I’ve never been able to find them! And I didn’t even know you could be friends on Pottermore.

    Okay, I LOVE this post. I was also sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore and have struggled with this decision. I think it’s only natural for us to gravitate towards Gryffindor. The books are more than a little biased. I generally consider myself a Huffleclaw. (One detailed online test I took said 85% Ravenclaw and 77% each for Hufflepuff and Gryffindor.) Honestly, though, your descriptions above of Gryffindor sound pretty darn accurate for me. I think I can be happy being your fellow Hufflepuff. We do have the comfiest common room, I’ve heard. 😀

    *whispers* I’m not the biggest fan of gifs. I think you did a good job, because they were small and not distracting, but often I have a really hard time reading posts because the gifs are too flashy. It’s like a strobe light effect – they hurt my eyes and head. I try to cover them up, but that doesn’t often work.


    1. Haha, part of me would actually find this exciting. Although, it’s definitely okay if all the Deatheaters stay in the book, where they belong.

      Yes, it can be a bit confusing. I haven’t seen all the other extra bits, either. I was mostly preoccupied with trying to create potions etc. – which I couldn’t get to work, but I don’t know if this is because I’m on a tablet computer.

      HELLO FELLOW HUFFLEPUFF! 😀 I do like my comfort, so a comfy common room sounds awesome.

      I’m not really a fan of too many gifs. I’m glad that you don’t think the gifs used are too much. That’s good to hear. 🙂


  4. I joined Pottermore ages ago but don’t remember any of my info (they give you those generic ones to protect the kiddos, but how the heck am I supposed to remember those?). I am 90% sure I got Gryffindor when I played though, which I don’t mind, but I’m sure you know which one I would’ve preferred… Slytherin 😉 (Does that make me like HP? Split between G and S?)

    Oh, and the gifs. I personally don’t like or use them, but I know many other bloggers do. Up to you!


  5. Haha, I thought at heart you’re a Gryffindor? Well, like Harry, you’re smart, so could have done great – but probably terrible – things in Slytherin, so in that respect…yes, I suppose you are like Harry, lol. (I’m channeling my inner Sorting Hat. :D)

    I’ve been on the fence about gifs… I like them for their comedic element, but I don’t like too many – also, I’m not keen on the really flashy ones.


  6. Harry Potter really has taken over. I am 16 and have only read the first three books and seen the first two movies so I feel pretty excluded from the hype at the moment, especially as I am not really loving the books yet so far at all and am not sure about continuing the series >.> I will say though, that I am a very proud Ravenclaw!


    1. *Gasp* You don’t love Harry Potter? … I’m not sure we can be friends… Haha, just kidding. I respect that not everyone is going to love them. I wonder if you would like them if you read them when you were younger? Have you seen the movies?


  7. I got Ravenclaw!! I wasn’t sure what I thought at first, but after reading my welcome letter I feel like I totally belong! Intelligent and sometimes a little eccentric? Yup, sounds like me 🙂


    1. That seems to happen: you’re not sure how you feel about being sorted into a certain house and then after reading the welcome message, feel much better about it.

      Haha, sounds like a great combo to me. 🙂 Thanks for commenting Jade.


  8. YAY GIFS!! You did great!! I like them. 😉
    AHhh, I’m not on Pottermore. I haven’t really considered it because I … um….Haven’t finished the books yet. *runs and hides* I WILL. I’m just distracted and they’re all spoiled for me anyway so I kind of lost the big “push” to finish them. *sigh* ANYWAY. I am…*drumroll* SLYTHERIN.
    I was full of righteous indignation when I took the quiz, but then, well, it totally suits me. >_> Even my little sister just laughed and laughed and laughed…and said YES. She’s a Hufflepuff too. xD I’ve made piece with my Evil Side now. *nods*


    1. Thanks Cait! 🙂 Finish those books – I mean, that is, if you want to…? You’re a rebel, so I won’t tell you to go read them, because you might say no, just to rebel. 😉

      Slytherin? I’m not surprised. You do want world domination, right? So makes sense. 😀


  9. Ohmygosh I want to visit all these theme parks and studios and whatnot. Ever since I was a tiny child watching VHS tapes with Disneyland advertisements on them, it has been a dream of mine to go to Disneyland. Off topic, I know, but I lump them all together in the “I really want to visit” places, and Disneyland is #1.

    I am on Pottermore, but I only created it to take the legit house quiz. I always thought of myself as a Gryffindor because I am very like Hermione. People even called me Hermione in school, for crying out loud. And then they changed to calling me Luna when I dyed my hair white, hAHA.

    My house turned out to be Slytherin. I was surprised. REALLY SURPRISED. And then I realised what had happened.

    I love Merlin. Merlin is my favourite TV show of ever, and then when there were questions like: would you save the potion, or this, or that, or MERLIN’S MAGIC BOOK, of course I picked everything Merlin.

    And who created Slytherin? MERLIN. So that’s why I got it. And, of course, because I am highly intelligent, cunning, and competitive 😉


    1. I would also like to visit Disneyland! I don’t understand why somebody wouldn’t want to 😀

      Oh no, another Slytherin 😉 Wait, what? Merlin created Slytherin? Really? I thought that was Salazar Slytherin. No?

      And, yes, Merlin is awesome! I’m fascinated by the legends of Merlin and King Arthur.


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