Winner Wednesdays

Winner Wednesdays

Winner Wednesdays are a monthly (possibly every-other-month, depending on whether or not I’ve loved any books or movies in a particular month) where I will list any books, movies and possibly even songs that were winners for me that month. I will try to only list those that have really stood out for me – otherwise, it will likely end up being a really long list. I mean… it’s rare for me to hate a book that I read.


  • A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas: This is just INCREDIBLE! A story loosely based on Beauty and the Beast. Fae. Magic. Romance. It has it all. I can’t even properly string together coherent sentences, to express how much I love it.
  • The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson: Another great book from Sanderson. I loved reuniting with the characters.
  • The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson: BEST SERIES EVER!!! This was a fantastic conclusion to an incredible series! The bitter sweet ending ripped my heart in half. Read it, people. Read it!
  • The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon: Although, I didn’t quite love this one as much as the first, I still really enjoyed it and I’m kind of in awe of the world Shannon weaves together.
  • Golden Son by Pierce Brown: Just pure awesomeness! This world is so gruesome at times, but I can never seem to stop reading. I really love Browns’ writing!


  • The Hobbit: Battle of the Five ArmiesIt’s The Hobbit, need I say more? Yes? Legolas. Do I still need to say more? Battle scenes. Do I still need to say more?
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron: I really enjoyed this movies action and humor.
  • Epic: Who doesn’t love a good animated movie?! I rewatched Epic recently, and I still love it!


  • ‘Sex yeah’ by Marina and the Diamonds: I hadn’t heard this song until recently – I hadn’t really heard any of Marina and the Diamonds music before – but discovered it when reading a post by Nova over at Out of Time (check out Novas’ great post). It’s a really great song!
  • ‘Midnight’ by Beth Crowley: I found the link to this on Oh, the Books Weekly Recap post and fell in love with this song – which is based on one of my favourite books, Cinder. I wish I could write amazing songs! Beth is seriously talented! Check out her videos.


What have you been reading lately? Seen any good movies? Heard any good songs? 


4 thoughts on “Winner Wednesdays

  1. ahh, I really want to see Age of Ultron. xD I’ll wait till it’s out on DVD now, but there are a lot of spoilers on pinterest so I’ve accidentally learnt a lot of things. xD OH WELL. I’m still going to enjoy it when I finally see it!!! AHHH I LOVE BRANDON SANDERSON. I’m like a very green newbie, though, because I’ve only read The Final Empire. But it was so so good. :’) I want Steelheart next!!


    1. There are always spoilers somewhere – it’s so hard to avoid them. YES. BRANDON SANDERSON IS THE BEST! I want to read Steelheart as well. My goal is to eventually read everything that he has written.


  2. The LotR craze kind of passed me by, but I watched the first two Hobbit movies, which I liked but didn’t over the top love, and then I went to see Battle of the Five Armies, and I actually really enjoyed it! Legolas was BADASS. Oh, and Age of Ultron of course. I might have seen it twice at the cinema haha. I definitely enjoyed it, though I missed some of the lighter humor from the first movie. To be fair though, it was pretty hard to live up to my expectations after I’ve been waiting for years haha. I didn’t know ACoTaR was based on Beauty and the Beast – I wasn’t planning to read it because I didn’t love Throne of Glass, but that sounds intriguing. xD I STILL haven’t read anything by Brandon Sanderson, but I keep hearing good things, so I’m definitely planning to!


    1. I’ve seen the LotR movies but I haven’t read the books. Have you read The Hobbit? I didn’t love it, but I liked it. YES, I agree, Legolas is badass! It’s hard when you have really high expectations for something, as they don’t often meet those expectations. I think for Age of Ultron, my expectations weren’t too high – not because I expected it to be bad, just because I don’t think I had any expectations…

      I’m a big Maas fan. It’s a shame you didn’t really enjoy the ‘Throne of Glass’ series. I didn’t realise it was a Beauty and the Beast retelling at first either. Yes, read a Sanderson book! I will now always push Sanderson books on people. 🙂


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