Book Review: The Well of Ascension


Author: Brandon Sanderson
Published: Gollancz, 2009
Pages: 763
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy
Series: Mistborn #2
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5 out of 5 stars
Almost two years after the fall of the Lord Ruler, Vin and company are trying to build a better empire while trying to figure out where they truly fit within this empire, all while trying to defend the city against those who seek to take it for themselves.

Sanderson has done it again: another book that compelled me to keep turning the pages, in order to see where the character’s journeys take them. It was often difficult to stop reading; I would think, Just one more page. Just one more page. But this never happened. Again, this book in the series like the first, was a slow burner; this, in my opinion though, never hinders the story in any way. It adds a realness to it; time passes during their journey and you really feel like you are there for it – it isn’t rushed and doesn’t all suddenly happen in a day-or-two. Sanderson is building a world and that cannot be rushed. This may not be to everyone’s liking, but that’s to be expected.

Like the first book – even more so in this book – there is great character development. The characters are fully formed, in that…each of them are complex. Just like all people, they have their layers; they are not perfect. They all have flaws and are more than just one thing. Vin has come to learn to trust but still finds it difficult to feel as though she is worthy of love; Elend grows from being that young inexperienced, maybe slightly naive nobleman into a commanding – but still honorable – king and Sazed… Well, Sazed goes through quite a lot and shows that there is so much more to this even-tempered Terrisman then people presume; I truly feel bad for Sazed as he comes to question everything he thought he knew. It is characters like these that I have come to love; each different, each imperfect – they’re human afterall – and each with a big heart, even if they do try to hide it – I’m looking at you Breeze.

“‘I will not be an exception to my own laws!’ Elend said.”

There is mystery: Where is the Well of Ascension? Is there a Hero of Ages? What’s going on with the mists? Who’s the spy? The answer to this last question left me completely shocked – I honestly didn’t see that coming. And, Sanderson isn’t afraid to kill people off or seriously hurt them, keeping me on the edge of my seat wondering if they are going to die – seriously…I was tearing-up on a couple of occasions.

I honestly don’t know what else to say… I love delving into this world that Sanderson has created and reuniting with this group of diverse and wonderful characters – although, I am a little tired from the heartache and shocking revelations, I think I need to recover. I look forward to reading the third installment and seeing what’s in store next for Vin and co. – I have a feeling their troubles are far from over.

What do you think Dear Readers? Isn’t Sanderson amazing at creating worlds and interesting characters?  Have you read this series yet? (They’re definitely worth a read!)


5 thoughts on “Book Review: The Well of Ascension

  1. Whenever people ask me for recommendations, I immediately mention Brandon Sanderson. I’ve now read five of his books (the Mistborn trilogy included, and I agree with pretty much everything in your review! Although the slow pace did bother me a bit every now and then). Yes, his books are slow, but he takes his sweet time building up his world and it is always intricate, detailed, and amazing. Every single time I am impressed by what he can do with words.


  2. I have been meaning to try a Brandon Sanderson book for a while! It sounds just like the kind of thing I would like. A brilliant fantasy book with great characters and an amazing plot. I waaant! When worldbuilding is done well you already have sold.


    1. I can’t recommend Sanderson enough. It is really amazing how he can weave such an interesting world together and create such varied and wonderful characters – I love them so much! 😀


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