What Happened?


What has happened to The Vampire Diaries? When TVD first aired on TV, there were some quite significant changes from the books, but I eventually found myself being okay with this – Stefan and Elena became a couple, so I was satisfied that this stayed the same. I came to love the show as something separate and not just because it was based on the books. But what has happened?

I don’t know what it is, but I no longer love the show like I once did. First of all, they made Damon and Elena a couple. Why?! I know in the books, Elena wavers a bit between which Salvatore brother she wants to be with, but she always goes back to Stefan (I’ll admit, I haven’t read the last few books in the series. There’s a lot, okay… And L.J. Smith is no longer writing them, so will they be the same? I’ve gotten behind in this series). I know the TV show clearly doesn’t follow the books, but I just wanted this one thing to stay the same – I have a soft spot for Stefan. This no longer bothers me as much as it did in the beginning though…

But what really inspired this post was a particular episode, that I just watched before writing this. There’s a spoiler ahead if you are not up-to-date with this show. In this episode it is the funeral of Carolines’ mum, Sheriff Forbes. It’s a sad episode; I liked the Sheriff, and my heart breaks for Caroline – I was also kind of surprised by Damons’ speech.  It was touching – but what on earth is going on with the writers?! Why do every vampire turn off their humanity after experiencing a tragedy? Damon did it; Stefan did it; Elena did it. And, now Caroline… No. No. No. I feel like this is completely out of character for Caroline. She is the reasonable, controlled one. I feel like this has been thrown in there, in order to create some more drama; but it doesn’t make sense to me. I completely understand that Caroline is grieving, and people do things they wouldn’t normally do whilst grieving, but not this. Not turning off her humanity.

So what about you Dear Readers? (Is it okay if I call you that?) Do you watch TVD? Does this part of the story make sense to you? Are you sick of vampires flipping their humanity switch? Or maybe you just don’t like this show at all – I know not everyone’s a fan.

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10 thoughts on “What Happened?

  1. (It’s totally okay to call us that. :P)

    Gosh, I think I stopped watching this show… I don’t know, maybe around season 4 or 5? I have to admit I read the first couple of books and didn’t really like them. So the book-to-screen changes didn’t hinder my enjoyment for them at all — and I even liked a lot of the changes. I suppose when it comes to adaptations they use the book as their base, and they grow, and change, and make the adaptation their own. Which is fine. I guess a little disappointing/frustrating for book readers, but it’s something I understand that, eventually, must be done. Interesting to read that about Caroline, though. And honestly, I think The Vampire Diaries has had its run; I feel like they’re going through the same plot motions as previous seasons only with different characters and altered storylines.

    Great post 🙂


    1. Lol, thanks, I shall keep calling you all Dear Readers then. I’m not even actually sure what season it’s currently on. I liked the books, it’s not my favourite series, but I liked them enough. I was just shocked when the TV show started, because they changed so much – I expected some changes, just not as much as there was.


  2. Hi Chantelle *waves*

    Anyway,I actually stopped watching TVD after the third season.I loved until then,but after that it became too weird.And I don’t regret the fact that I stopped doing so,because looks like the show is going downhill and fans are disappointed.And I heard that Nina is leaving?Is that true?
    And the books!I used to love them.The characters were quite different in the book,especially Bonnie and Damon-I shipped them hard in the books-but they changed too much in the series:(


    1. Hi, Mishma 🙂
      You’re not the only one to say that they have stopped watching it. I think because I have watched it from the beginning, I’m finding it difficult to stop watching it because I’m curious as to what’s going to happen with the characters. I’m like one of those people who has to finish a book series, even if they don’t love the books – once we start a series, we need to finish it.

      I have no idea if Nina is leaving; I need to google this. It would be odd if there was no longer Elena.

      Yes, I agree that definitely Bonnie was a lot different in the books – and Caroline, I think.


  3. I stopped watching the show, really, because it was becoming too far-fetched. Also stopped reading the series because ghostwriters took over, and also too far-fetched. L.J. Smith actually wanted to make Delena endgame, and I do think they have more on-screen chemistry. But I agree that it’s very heavily focussed on Delena. As for Carolina, I actually didn’t know about this, but I rolled my eyes. I agree — just added for drama. They’re running out of ideas. And now Nina’s leaving too.


    1. Nooo… Not a Delena endgame! In the beginning it would annoy me every time they had scenes together; I really wanted Stefan and Elena to stay a couple (kind of still do lol). You reminded me to google and find out about Nina leaving. I can’t believe she is leaving; she is kind of like the main character for me (even though she annoys me sometimes). Have you heard how they’re writing her out of it? It’s an interesting route they’ve taken.


      1. I honestly have no idea, and I simply can’t picture the show without their main figure!


      2. SPOILER ALERT (Just in case anyone reads this and doesn’t want to know.) Apparently she ends up in some kind of deep sleep because of a psycho witch; the real problem though is that they have connected her to Bonnie, so the only way for Elena to wake up is if Bonnie dies. They decide to let Elena sleep while Bonnie lives out her life. This way it allows Nina to come back if she wants to at some point. It will be weird without Elena.


      3. Huh, yeah, that makes sense. I was wondering what they would do, because it would be too final to kill her off (although pretty much half of the characters have died and come back!)


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