Double Mini Reviews: The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies and Avengers: Age of Ultron

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Recently I watched The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies DVD – I didn’t get around to seeing it at the cinema, so had to wait until the DVD release. Overall I enjoyed the movie. It had action along with emotional moments, and was a typical all-round good movie, which I have kind of come to expect from Peter Jackson.

Richard Armitage played crazed Thorin really well – seriously, I wanted to shake him and yell, “Get a grip!” I loved getting to see Legolas again; I just love to watch him move – what is it with Elves? It’s almost like they’re dancing when they fight. I find it kind of hypnotic – am I strange? Please say no. And, I do like the relationship between Tauriel and Kili. Although, I was a little lets say baffled? by one scene. Tauriel is an excellent fighter – the woman can kick some major arse – but there’s one scene where I felt like she had to lose, just so a certain someone could come in and try to save her. I know the opponent was really strong, but Tauriel is highly skilled and always manages to win in the end, but in this instance I feel like it was set up for her to lose – well, it’s in the script, so it was set up like that. 😉

I enjoyed watching it. I teared-up at times. Oh, and I want an eagle. Just thought I’d tell you that. I want to soar through the air atop an eagle. Imagine the Harry Potter Soaring Through the Sky Atop a Hippogriff scene…

4 out of 5 stars

Hulk, angry

Thor. Need I say more? I do? Okay, I probably do need to say more… I know it’s called Avengers, but I just love that guy. When is there going to be another Thor movie? He’s probably one of the few guys who can make long hair look good on a man, and he has a sense of humor. That’s important! I should probably move on, right? Well, he’s not the only one who made me laugh; I like how amongst all the action, there is also humor spread throughout. Even the villain made me laugh.

It was nice to see more elements of some of the Avengers life’s. I came to like Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow. I don’t remember really feeling anything for her previously, but came to like her in this movie.

Overall it was a good action packed movie, which will make you laugh.

4 out of 5 stars.

What about you? Have you seen these movies? Anyone else want a giant eagle? If you could have one of the Avengers abilities/skills, which would you choose? I like the idea of Black Widows’ fighting skills and Hawkeyes’ archery skills, but if I had to choose…I think I would have to go with Thors’ abilities – I know, big surprise, right? But, I wouldn’t be able to pass up that controlling lightning ability.


Both images from Pixabay.

6 thoughts on “Double Mini Reviews: The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies and Avengers: Age of Ultron

  1. Lovely reviews! OKAY. So I haven’t actually read either of these. I know, I’m crazy, right?! I was too late to watch The Battle of the Five Armies at the movies, so I’m going to have to watch that on DVD eventually; and hopefully, I’ll have some time soon to watch Age of Ultron. Glad to see you liked both of them! 🙂


  2. Nope, you’re not strange at all! I love it whenever elves appear in the movies. My favourite’s Thranduil, especially so during his exchange with Tauriel. And Avengers! I can’t believe I manage to develop an attachment to Quiksilver in less than 3 hours, also utterly surprised and shocked at Hawkeye’s “backstory”… I think my favourite moments are the ones that involved Thor’s hammer. It’s just hilarious, especially the one where they were deciding Vision’s evil/good and he just “hey, here’s your hammer”. Love it. xD


    1. Phew…it’s a relief to know I’m not strange 😉 I know, right? I was like, “How did we not know this about Hawkeye?” Omg, the Thors’ hammer scene after the party was so funny! Vision… That’s his name? For some reason, I didn’t catch his name and decided I would call him Jarvis 2.0 😀 Good to know his actual name. Yes, that was a hilarious moment! 🙂


  3. I haven’t gotten around to seeing any of the Hobbit movies, basically because I hated the books. But I recently got the first movie, so I should be trying it out soon! It’s encouraging to know you’ve been enjoying it so far. As for Age of Ultron, I did like it, but I did find that some parts were overdone, and I didn’t really warm up to the female twin at all. Only the male one 😥 Black Widow is my favourite character so I was happy to see her featured here ❤ a lot more as well. Can't wait to see more of her.


    1. I didn’t love The Hobbit book but I do like the movies. I hope you like them. I liked the twins more as the movie went on. It seems like the sister twin will become an Avenger, so she may grow on you in time, if there are more movies.


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