‘The Lunar Chronicles’


I’m going to do something a little different from what I usually do: instead of reviewing each book individually in multiple posts, I am going to talk about the series as a whole (well, partly whole as not all the books are released yet). I recently read ‘The Lunar Chronicles’ as part of Bookshelf Reflections and Olivia’s Catastrophes‘ Fantasy Favourites Read-A-Thon and absolutely loved them! They just continued to improve and improve as they went on, and that’s saying something as the first one was pretty great!

For those of you who haven’t read this series, or don’t know about it, I will give you a quick synopsis. The first thing I will tell you is that they are fairytale retellings, but like none you have ever encountered. It all starts with Cinder, a cyborg – yes, I said cyborg – who sets out on a path she never could have imagined. On the way to trying to learn more about her past and to stop a evil queen, she meets Scarlet, Wolf (can you guess what fairytale they are from?), Cress and Thorne who each have their story to tell, and accompany her on the quest to dethrone Queen Levana.

I really liked the first book, Cinder. It was lovely being introduced to Cinder, Kai and Iko. I adore Iko! She adds such humour; an android swooning over a prince, just made me crack-up laughing. She has such personality, and offers light humour during intense moments. Cinder is a person you can really care and root for. The discrimination she endures as a result of being a cyborg frustrates me. There is a scene between Cinder and her step-mother which just left me infuriated. It leaves me completely baffled as to why people treat cyborgs so badly; treating them inhumanely when they are still human. They were born human and in order to save their lives they were given robotic parts, but they are still human – just with some additions. Even if they were not human, it still seems incredibly wrong to treat them this way. Okay…my rant is over now.

In the second book, Scarlet, we meet Scarlet and Wolf. From the very beginning I liked them both; Scarlet is fiesty and fiery like her hair, and there is just something so different about Wolf. He is like a puzzle you keep trying to figure out. He is strong and can be dangerous, but there is also something delicate about him. The second book was perfect. We got to read from both, Scarlet and Cinders’ POV. We also get to meet ‘Captain’ Thorne, who is hilarious, a bit cocky, but so funny.

Cress, the third book in the series, introduces Cress; she is like the epitome of sweet and innocent. We get to see her relationship develop with Thorne, and although they are not at couple status, yet, it feels like it is heading in that direction. This isn’t bad…they are both really sweet and would make a good couple, but I can’t help thinking why everyone has to become a pair (this has actually inspired a potential future post).

As a whole, what I really love about this series and what I have come to admire about Marissa Meyer, is her ability to write real  characters. They really come alive in your mind. They are all so different… Lets just say that characterisation is Meyer’s forte. November can’t come fast enough; I need a copy of Winter, pronto.

Do you agree? Isn’t ‘The Lunar Chronicles’ the best? Do you have a favourite character? It’s so hard to choose, right?


17 thoughts on “‘The Lunar Chronicles’

    1. I hadn’t read them until recently, so you’re not the only one who has taken a long time to get round to them. On the plus side, three of them are published so far, so you can become engrossed in the world for longer without wondering when the sequel will be released – although, now I’m having to wait for the next one, Winter. Thanks so much for commenting and reblogging, Mariella! 🙂

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  1. My favourite character has to be Cress. Hence, I think, why my favourite book of the series was Cress. For me there was such a big gap of time between reading Cinder and Scarlet that I almost gave up on the series — now I’m very glad that I didn’t — but overall I think they’re fantastic. Sooo looking forward to Winter. 🙂


  2. I haven’t gotten to Cress yet but so far, I do like Iko from Cinder and Wolf from Scarlet. Me liking Wolf is because I am always partial to characters that are ~tortured~ like he is, against his will, yet he’s struggling. Idk man, my nemesis!


  3. I love the series, as you know from our discussions. I actually have Fairest here and waiting for me to start reading it, which I will do very soon, and cannot wait to dive into! I don’t really have a favourite character because I basically love them all, but Scarlet has to be my favourite book.


    1. I will buy Fairest at some point, but I really want Winter. November can’t come fast enough. I agree: there is something about Scarlet – it really kicked it up a notch with the sequel.


  4. Yes I 100% agree! THEY ARE THE BEST. I think Scarlet is my favourite….omg, she is tough and amazing and her hair is awesome, and I also ship her and Wolf SO MUCH. I love Cress though. I relate to Cress’ awkwardness. I’m so excited for Winter!!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


  5. I have only read the first, Cinder. I loved it. It was the book that was responsible for breaking the sci fi stigma for me. I never thought that I would read a sci-fi and like it. I just haven’t made the time for the others, but I will.
    It is kind of nice to see them all reviewed here together. Well done.


    1. If you loved Cinder that much, then I’m pretty sure that you will love the others. I hope you find time to read them soon. I can’t wait for the fourth installment, Winter!
      Thanks, Suzi! 🙂


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