Assistance Needed! What Do You Think of Blog Tours?

My introduction to the blogosphere probably occurred around sixteen months ago. Of course I had heard of blogs – I mean, I haven’t been living under a rock – but I didn’t really know how large the blogging community is (especially the book blogging community), until I met Asti from Oh, the Books. I started reading her blog (what are friends for, right?), and it kind of took off from there… A little over a year later and I started my own blog, which let me tell you, is still quite surreal for me.

At this point you may be wondering:Β Where are you going with this, Chantelle? Whats this got to do with blog tours?Β  Well, my friends, you come to notice things when visiting blogs and one thing that has caught my notice, is blog tours. Why do some bloggers participate and some do not? Do people think that blog tours create buzz for a book? And this is what inspired this post; I know it is a rather short post, but its been bugging me, so I felt I had to write it. This is where I hand it over to you:

  • Do you participate in blog tours? If so, why? (It’s the free books, right? ;))
  • If you choose to not participate in blog tours, why not? Is there anything that would entice you to participate?
  • And, finally… Do you think blog tours are a good idea? Despite whether or not you participate in blog tours, do you think they help in getting the word out there about a book?


9 thoughts on “Assistance Needed! What Do You Think of Blog Tours?

  1. I participated in a blog tour once, but it was enough to put me off. I was rather new to book blogging, so everything was exciting, and I wanted to try it all, including blog tours. But when I started reading the book, I ended up not enjoying it. So I e-mailed the blog tour host asking what to do, would I still be allowed in the blog tour? She said write the review, fine, no worries. But then, I ended up disliking the book so much that I didn’t want to finish it. So I e-mailed her again, because a negative review was one thing, but a DNF was another. She said fine, write the review, no worries. So I post my review on Goodreads, next thing I know, I get an e-mail from the blog tour host saying that the author has asked to remove me from the blog tour, oh and would I please take down the review.

    I sent a message to the author explaining what had happened, but long story short — it didn’t end well. I ended up gladly not participating in the blog tour, but the review is still up.


    1. That’s a shame that the experience didn’t go well. Would you ever consider trying it again? Authors should realise that not everyone is going to like their books. It’s said there’s no such thing as bad publicity… People are still talking about it, although only good reviews are preferable. Blog tour companies usually send the hosts a promo post if the review isn’t good – they should have done that really, not tell you to post it, then ask you to take it down.


      1. I don’t think I will again, unless it’s from an author I already like.

        The thing was that the blog tour host told me one thing, and the author told me another, and the author had no idea of what the blog tour host had told me. Author didn’t agree because she’d paid for the promo tour and it should be positive. Which is why I e-mailed twice. Oh well.

        Anyway, I know it’s not always like this (Kara’s experience sounds absolutely lovely), but my co-blogger had also had an annoying experience with it, so I think we’re okay with not doing blog tours on Bookshelf Reflections.


  2. It’s a shame Inge had such a negative experience! I’ve only been in one blog tour, and I really enjoyed it. Though, I was contacted via Netgalley after I’d read — and positively rated/reviewed — their book. (They even sent me out a free physical copy, which was awesome.) So overall I would say that hey, if you have the chance — go for it! Funnily enough with this book in question, while I liked it, I did have a few negative things to say about it, and the author even tweeted me that it was a very thoughtful review. ^_^ So I had a very positive experience with a blog tour, and I’d definitely do it again. πŸ™‚


    1. Hi, Kara! That’s good to hear. I think that as long as a review is respectful then the author should understand.

      Thanks so much for commenting! It’s always nice to gain new followers! πŸ™‚


  3. I am someone who does participate in blog tours, but only when it is a book that I am very interested in reading myself and want to review! I don’t do it for interviews, guests posts or blitzes because personally I don’t feel like the content is unique enough and it’s basically throwing a book out there – we can go and look up summaries if we want – but I want to know if it is good quality wise as well in the reviewers eye. So yes to blog tours, but not too many and so that it is a review that comes as a result as well.


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