Winner Wednesdays

Winner Wednesdays
Winner Wednesdays are a monthly (possibly every-other-month, depending on whether or not I’ve loved any books or movies in a particular month) where I will list any books, movies and possibly even songs that were winners for me that month. I will try to only list those that have really stood out for me – otherwise, it will likely end up being a really long list. I mean… it’s rare for me to hate a book that I read.


  • The Final Empire – Great character building; great writing – what more could you want?
  • Every Day – A beautiful tale of someone longing to belong and truly be seen by the person they love.
  • ‘The Lunar Chronicles’ – This series is AMAZING! It includes such wonderfully unique characters. Such an interesting twist on some well known fairytales.

Sorry, the list is a little short this month. I haven’t seen any movies that I thought were outstanding – I did see Insurgent. I really liked it, but it isn’t a movie I would call outstanding.

Read anything good this month? Have you read any of the books above?


6 thoughts on “Winner Wednesdays

  1. I’m scared about Insurgent! I think it looks excellent and I LOVED the first movie…but I’ve only heard negative things so far. XD Well, except for you, because “good” is still a positive rating. xD I seriously can’t wait till it’s out on DVD so I can see it. SQUEE. I love the Lunar Chronicles so so much!! And each book is better than the last, omg, how does the author even do it?!!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    1. I think maybe the reason people haven’t liked it so much is because they’re comparing it to the book a lot. I didn’t have that problem because I have book amnesia. If you are able to separate it from the book then you might like it.

      The Lunar Chronicles are definitely one of the best series I have come across in a while. I can’t wait for Winter.


  2. I read The Final Empire last year and recently read the two sequels as well! They’re every bit as amazing as everyone says they are. Seriously, Sanderson’s books are brilliant. I just can’t get enough of the worlds he creates.

    My winners are.. well, Harry Potter, as that’s all I’ve been reading lately. I’ve been doing a re-read (as you know, because of the read-a-thon!) and am now reading Half-Blood Prince. ❤


    1. I’m loving Sanderson’s work so far. The Final Empire is the first book of his that I have read. It’s good to hear that the others are just as good – I’m actually going to start reading the second book later.

      The Harry Potter books are a lot to get through. Well done on getting this far with the reread. 🙂


  3. Oh my, the Lunar Chronicles are definitely a win for me as well! I have Fairest just bought and waiting for me to dive into. Alas, I am waiting off until the holiday starts this weekend because I can’t neglect my schoolwork at the moment which I know will happen when I open the first page.

    (Also, make sure you include the authors in the titles as well so we know which books you are referring to!)

    A book I wasn’t expecting to like but love in the end has to be Variables of Love by M.K. Schiller…


    1. Yes. The Lunar Chronicles = awesome! Haha, I think I got excited about the great books and forgot the author names. Good thing I didn’t put the author names and forget to put the book titles, then you’d really have no idea. 😀

      I don’t think I’ve heard of that book – I’ll check it out.


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