The Mind of a Bookworm


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Now…it is quite possible that what I am about to write, only applies to me. ‘The Mind of a Bookworm’ may only apply to this  (me) particular bookworm, but I am intrigued as to whether it is just me – surely, it can’t be, right?

First of all, as a Bookworm, I find myself often preoccupied with what book I’m going to read next; this is often such a difficult decision. I usually have such a large TBR pile that deciding which book to read next is no easy decision (although, it’s not a bad problem to have). Also, I usually read at night in bed and it has become part of my every day ‘routine’; I find it difficult to fall asleep at night if I haven’t read, as I feel as though something is missing. However, this is not what actually inspired this post…

My mind will often veer off to ‘book-places’ – actually, not just ‘book-places’, but ‘movie- and TV-places’ also (this post should have been called: ‘The Mind of a Bookworm/Movie and TV Addict’, but doesn’t quite sound right, does it?). The movies and TV shows are usually book related though. It can be characters, quotes or background settings that will pop into my mind. You may be thinking: Can you give some examples?  I’m so glad you asked. I was having lunch with a friend and she mentioned that if she were to get married, she would like it to be an outside wedding; do you know what popped into my mind? Twilight… Yes, that’s right, I thought of the wedding scene from the movie because it was set outside. Please do not judge me, if you are not a Twilight fan; I can’t control where my mind wanders to.

Another example is when I was having a conversation with someone and it turned a little silly (as it often does) after I said something – I can’t actually remember what I said though. The response was something like: “This is my death stare. You can’t see it through my sunglasses though. They’re starting to melt.” Yes, these are the silly conversations I have with people (I love these conversations). My mind immediately thought of Cyclops from X-Men and how she might want to see Professor X for help in regards to proper glasses for that death stare.

It makes me laugh when quotes suddenly pop into my mind. I was in a supermarket and a Augustus Walters quote popped into my mind. I was DMing a friend joking about saying: “…you have failed as a friend.” And then I was writing, “Ooh, that’s like Arrow. ‘You have failed this city!'”

I actually love that the books, movies and TV shows I love stick with me and my wacky mind thinks of them at times. I love that I read every day and that I look forward to the next book I will read from my TBR pile. Quite simply, I love being a Bookworm!

What about you? Does your mind conjure up quotes, characters or background settings from books etc. during a conversation? Are you often thinking about what book you are going to read next? Let me know.


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5 thoughts on “The Mind of a Bookworm

  1. I love this post because I can definitely relate! The majority of bookworms I have met have also been people who love a good television show or movie, and that includes me. I do have these moments where I make these private quotes or link ups to movies or books in my mind but can’t say them aloud because no one else will get them xD But I still do it! I can’t help it :3


  2. Thanks, I’m glad someone can relate! 😀 Sometimes I’ll voice what I’m thinking – depends who I’m talking to usually. It’s nice to be surrounded by people who get you, so you don’t feel so self conscious voicing the ‘wacky’ bookish thoughts.


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