Goodbye Fantasy Favourites Read-A-Thon

Bookshelf Reflections

The read-a-thon has come to an end. 😦 It has been a great week as I have gotten to speak to some amazing bloggers and I was introduced to ‘The Lunar Chronicles’, which is amazing! Now, as part of this wrap-up, I’m supposed to re-write a scene that I didn’t like, a scene that broke my heart or an ending I wasn’t satisfied with; although there were a couple of scenes that broke my heart and one scene in Cinder  that enraged me (I am so thinking of Adri right now. Argh, that woman! She infuriates me! Okay, I’ll stop ranting now), I am a perfectionist so it would take me ages to write it. So I’m going to just answer the questions. Sorry.

1. What was your page reading goal? How many pages did you end up reading?
My goal was to try and finish Cinder and woohoo! Guess what? Go on…guess. I’m not telling you until you at least try and guess. Did you guess? Okay, I’ll tell you… I finished reading Cinder and *drum roll* I also finished reading Scarlet. That’s right: I’m a reading machine. Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, as I’m sure others have read more than me which makes you all super reading machines. I’m just pleased I managed to finish one book; it’s an added bonus that I finished a second book. I’m pretty sure that’s over 800 pages.

2. What books did you read?
I just revealed this answer above – whoops – but I will tell you again, just in case you have forgotten already: Cinder and Scarlet.

3. What book was your most/least favourite?
Well, I really liked them both, but I loved Scarlet.

4. What challenge did you find the hardest to do?
There was one or two challenges that I didn’t do, so maybe they were the more difficult ones for me, but the casting challenge was a little tricky and obviously the part of this post that I am leaving out.

5. What challenge was the most fun to do?
I have loved the quizzes, but they’re not really challenges, so I think the book photography was my favourite even though I suck at taking photos. I just wish that I had had the time to maybe take some better photos.

6. Did you make any new blogging friends?
Why yes I did. Thanks for asking. I’m afraid that I’m going to miss some people out…it’s bound to happen. It’s like when people are accepting awards and they struggle to remember to thank some people; of course, I’m not actually accepting an award, but you get what I mean, right? Man, I am digressing a lot today… I have discovered some great blogs during this read-a-thon and it has been lovely talking to Inge, Karolina and Olivia. To all those people I have spoken to, hi *waves*, it has been great talking to you and I hope we continue to talk.

7. What was your biggest reading distraction? How did you get over it?
It was probably work, I think, and also going to see the new Insurgent movie and I’m sure there were others, but I can’t think of them.

8. What was your reading schedule? Were you a morning or evening reader?Week or weekend?
I don’t think I really had a schedule, but I always read at night in bed; I do read during the day, but at night is always a guarantee.

9. Are you and Puck still friends? Do you still want to keep hanging out after the read-a-thon is over or will you lock them away somewhere to maybe contact them again when the next read-a-thon comes around (if ever)?
Yes, we’re definitely still friends. I will always want to hang out with Puck, although he can be a little distracting–

Puck here. If what you actually mean by distracting is fun…then yes, I suppose I can be a little distracting. Also, I bet my good looks and natural charm are more distracting, right, right? *winks*

Okay…people I’m back. What I was going to say before Puck wrestled the computer from me, is that he was a little distracting due to his pranks. I knew our time together would be interesting, but how am I supposed to get any reading done? I may have finished Cress.

Well…maybe if you had read to me, like that Cath and Levi you were talking about then maybe I would have been a little less *air quotes* distracting.

Please stop taking the computer; this post is never going to be finished. See what I mean about distracting? I have told you already, I don’t like reading out loud. I don’t like my voice when I am reading a book out loud.

Yes, well…I like hearing your voice…

Puck, are you blushing? You’re going as red as your hair… Okkkay… Before this gets any more awkward then it just did, I think I’ll finish this here. We’ll talk about this in private Puck.

10. Would you do this again?
Definitely. Thank you Inge, Karolina and Olivia for hosting this read-a-thon. Its been fun!


10 thoughts on “Goodbye Fantasy Favourites Read-A-Thon

    1. Its been great talking to you too. I hope that Cress is also as good! Have you read the blurb? It talks about the man that Queen Levana loves. I’m confused…they’re not talking about Kai, are they?


  1. Thank you so much for joining the read-a-thon and participating in (almost all of) our challenges! This was our first time hosting an event like this, and we had so much fun coming up with everything. And it’s been great to get to know you outside of the Bookish Games! 😀


  2. Bwahaha, Puck is so cute. Yay for going beyond your reading goal! I loved discussing Scarlet with you on Twitter, hopefully I’ll be able to get to Cress fast enough and maybe talk about the series some more 🙂

    About the Cress blurb, I couldn’t find the phrase in the one on Goodreads. Hope I’m not missing anything here, but it sure sounds interesting!


    1. I know, he’s adorable right?! Puck has always stuck with me in my mind because he made me laugh throughout the series and he’s a great friend.

      I really enjoyed discussing Scarlet with you as well! I have already started reading Cress – I’ve had trouble putting it down – but whenever you are ready, I’m here to discuss it 🙂

      It’s on the blurb on the back of my copy – I may have a different blurb to what’s on Goodreads.


  3. Congrats on finishing the Fantasy Read-a-Thon Chantelle! It sounds like a great experience for you. 🙂 I’m glad you were not only able to finish Cinder and Scarlet, but that you ended up liking them so much too. Thanks for sharing, and great wrap-up!


  4. Everyone’s loving The Lunar Chronicles! I’ll definitely have to read them soon. I’ll give you an award for reading so much. 😀 I’m also a night reader, and book photography is awesome! 🙂


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