Why, Oh Why?! Please Stop Cancelling Shows!

tv shows

So… I don’t know about you, but I truly hate that TV shows keep being cancelled before they’ve had time to blossom. The reason given from TV networks is usually that the show has failed to bring in enough viewers; then they mention the numbers and I am left annoyed and incredulous that they don’t believe the numbers to be enough, when they are actually getting millions of viewers. Let me ask you then, HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH?! What number are you after, exactly?

In the UK, the BBC channel have recently aired shows which feature magic and are set in another time. First of all they aired Merlin; I was heartbroken when this ended – I think their intention was to only ever air five series, so I don’t think it was a ratings issue. This show was awesome!  From magic, to a talking dragon and the adorable comedic duo (I think they were a little like a duo, anyway) of King Arthur and Merlin. Anyway, I’ve digressed a little… Once Merlin ended, a little while after, Atlantis got the Saturday slot. Atlantis is set in ancient times, focusing on Jason (whom I’m assuming is Jason of the Argonauts) and features magic and some impressive sword-wielding skills from Jason. There’s drama, friendship and comedy – what’s not to like? I ask you. My mum had to break the news to me after reading in the newspaper that it is being cancelled. The show is only in its’ second series! This is part of what the BBC had to say:

“…to keep increasing the range of BBC One drama we have to make difficult decisions to bring new shows through.” (BBC Newsbeat.)

Their explanation is that in order to air new shows, they have to make room for them by cancelling current shows. Why cancel shows that people like? I know that Atlantis is an expensive show to make, but I do believe that it has decent ratings; the ratings may not be in the ten million range, but are still in the millions. I’m obviously just a little sour because I really don’t want the show to end – I definitely feel that it is premature. The last seven episodes will be aired in the spring.

Did anyone watch The Tomorrow People? I have to say, I don’t think it was absolutely incredible, but I liked it and thought it was interesting; I was eager to see where it was going – which apparently is nowhere now, as they have cancelled it. I thought this would be a show which appealed to people and would capture a younger audience. It just goes to show that you never can tell.

When I hear the name Steven Spielberg, success would be a word that comes to mind; despite the fact that Terra Nova was a show produced by Steven Spielberg (among others), I was disappointed and surprised when it was cancelled. Let me set the scene: It’s the future, there’s an issue with over-population so there is a restriction on how many children people can have and the air is becoming poisonous. A rift in time is discovered and they are able to go back in time to try and start over. They travel back to the time of the dinosaurs; it’s that bad, that they would rather brave dinosaurs! I was getting into this show and then they cancelled it. From what I can gather, the ratings weren’t that bad but they decided to cancel it anyway. How dare they?!

So that’s just three shows that have been cancelled – there are a lot more. From what I’ve noticed, it seems that shows are cancelled more often nowadays.

Does it frustrate you when a show you like is cancelled prematurely? Were you disappointed when any of the above shows were cancelled? Share in my complaining; let it all out.


6 thoughts on “Why, Oh Why?! Please Stop Cancelling Shows!

  1. I was so upset when Terra Nova was cancelled! I really liked the first season, and the season finale really set up for a kickass second season ;__;


    1. It’s good to know that I wasn’t the only one upset when it was cancelled. It’s so frustrating when you really start to like a show and it is cancelled – and often, it isn’t even wrapped-up very well. They give you no closure. As you can tell, I feel very deeply about this lol.


  2. I’ve only JUST started watching tv shows, so I actually haven’t found any that’ve been cancelled! I know a stack that’ve ended and MADE ME CRY, but I think they basically ran their course and wrapped up? *shrugs* Like Psych and Leverage. I LOVE those shows and was so sad when they were done. And I really hope Agent Carter gets renewed, but I’m not sure if it is/isn’t yet. 0_0
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    1. Only JUST started watching TV shows? I’m curious as to why so late? I haven’t watched Psych or Leverage; I take it they were really good then? I also haven’t watched Agent Carter as I don’t think it has aired in the UK. I get what you mean about shows running their course, but it’s still so sad when they end. 😦 Like Supernatural for example, I love this show, but its been going for a while now and there’s probably a good chance it only has a few seasons left. I want it to go on FOREVER!


  3. I haven’t been watching any shows ever that have been cancelled because I am not too good at watching telly shows myself. But let’s say it was something like Doctor Who that got canceled (which it probably won’t) I know I would be in BITS and so ANGRY, which is why I feel I can relate to this problem. I had watched a few episodes of Atlantis and thought it might be a good show to try, so it’s a shame about it cancelling. 😦


    1. Ah, Doctor Who… Don’t hate me, but I’ve never been a Doctor Who fan. I may not like it, but many people do so I hope it doesn’t get cancelled so you are not devastated as I have been by the cancellation of shows.


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