Read-A-Thon: Day 3

Bookshelf Reflections

It’s Day 3 of the Fantasy Favourites Read-A-Thon and today involves casting people to play the roles of the characters in your current read. Now, this may not seem too difficult, but once you actually start you begin to realise that it’s a little more difficult then it first appeared to be. There have been times where I thought that I would actually be quite good as a Casting Director (is that the correct title?), but as soon as I began trying to cast people for the characters’ in Cinder, my mind went blank. I realised that I need a visual; as soon as I see someone, that is when I am able to say: That person would be great for that role. So began the Google image search...

Cinder: This was the most difficult role for me to cast, but as soon as I saw Emmy Rossum she looked like she could play Cinder, but I’m not sure if she looks too old as Cinder is a teenager, so I have a couple of other suggestions. Phoebe Tonkin and Emma Watson are my two other candidates for the role.

Prince Kai: I’ve managed to narrow this down to two people: Ben Barnes (remember Prince Caspian from the ‘Narnia’ movies? I have a small crush. Ssh) and Drew Roy (anyone watched Falling Skies?).

1ko: I know 1ko is in fact an android (right?), but someone has to voice her and I’m a big Emma Stone fan so I think that Emma would be great at voicing 1ko.

Adri: I think Liv Tyler would maybe be good as Adri.

PearlNatalie Dormer or Dakota Fanning.

PeonyElle Fanning. It’s kind of fitting to have the Fanning Sisters playing sisters.

Dr ErlandJohn Hurt. He just looks the part.

Queen Levana: I haven’t actually read that far yet, so haven’t met Queen Levana, but I saw a picture of Gemma Arterton and pictured her playing this role. Either Arterton or Julianne Moore – I’m not sure what age Levana is supposed to be, but for some reason I can picture either of these two playing the role.

So, what do you think? Can you see these people playing these roles?


7 thoughts on “Read-A-Thon: Day 3

  1. Oh man, I wish I had thought of some of these myself! I absolutely love the idea of having Emma Stone as a voice – she is one of my favourite actresses and I am so surprised I didn’t think of her before 😛


    1. Emma Stone’s great so I knew that I wanted her to play one of the roles. It’s so difficult to think of people of-the-top-of-your-head, so I’ll probably be watching TV later and see someone and think that they’d be perfect for a certain role.


  2. Oh wow, you cast Iko! I think Emma Stone is a great choice for her 😀 And I can kind of imagine Liv Tyler looking all mean as Adri. It’s interesting seeing your picks for a setting in New Beijing!


    1. Off course, Iko needs a voice. She’s quite a character. I thought about the setting in the beginning when thinking about Cinder, but then remembered that it said she was from Europe – not New Beijing – and then we find out that she’s actually from Lunar. I’ll admit though that I forgot about the setting after that; good thing I’m not casting for it then 😀


  3. I definitely love the idea of Emma Stone voicing Iko! YAY. I kind of see the entire cast as Asian, so I can’t really imagine a lot of them (sorry!) but I can totally see Liv Tyler being an evil person. haha. I love her as Arwen, but she could totally do a cold-hearted vibe if she wanted. *nods*
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    1. Emma Stone seems to be a popular choice. When I cast them I wasn’t too far into the book, so didn’t really have a clear image of how I envision them – I still don’t really – and I kind of forgot about the background setting and just picked people that I thought would be good at playing a prince or someone bitchy like Pearl etc.- Dakota Fanning can totally play the mean person, as she played Jane from Twilight saga really well.

      Yes, we often see Liv Tyler playing a ‘goodie’, but I also definitely think she can play someone like Adri.


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