Movie Review: Insurgent

So, after waiting around a year, the time is finally here: Insurgent is finally in cinemas. I’m always a little apprehensive when seeing book-to-movie adaptations because I want to like the movie as much as the book; I didn’t really have that problem with Insurgent because as I started watching it, I realised that I can’t actually remember much of what happened in the bookBook amnesia was actually a little helpful, for once; although, I did notice how they changed the ending.

I don’t really have too much to say about the movie, other then I really liked it. But, of course, I’m not going to leave the review at this – what kind of a review would it be, if I did that? So I will tell you my two main thoughts while watching it.

  • Caleb is an arse! (I never know if I should write ‘ass’ or ‘arse’. I’m English, so I will write arse. This is how I pronounce it, so I will write it this way. Not sure why I had to discuss this. Bear with me, I’m moving on now). I just kept thinking how weak Caleb is. I will try to not reveal any spoilers here, but at one point I was thinking: Oh, sure. You’ll do that to save yourself, but you won’t do ANYTHING to save your sister! He thinks he’s so smart because he is Erudite, but he can be so stupid. Rant over.
  • My second thought is that Shailene Woodley is really good at acting the emotional scenes. The emotional scene from the first movie, Divergent, where she is cradling her mothers’ body made me tear-up and there were a couple of times in this movie where I got a little emotional; I really felt her pain and how much she was carrying on her shoulders.

So all in all, I really enjoyed this movie and am sad that I’m probably going to have to wait another year to watch the third installment.

4 out of 5 stars.


6 thoughts on “Movie Review: Insurgent

  1. I have to agree with you that Shailene Woodley did a pretty great job with the emotional scenes in this film! I was impressed, especially during the interrogation scene.


  2. I am looking forward to when I can go and see this film as well! I have read the books so I basically know what is going to happen as well, but it’s always different when it is a movie as well. I love Shailene Woodley’s acting skills ❤


  3. If you don’t like it when things from the book are changed in the movie, then you may be annoyed at the movie. But if you can separate the two then you might like it.

    I wasn’t too sure about Shailene Woodly as Tris when I first heard she would be playing her; I just didn’t picture her as Tris, but I don’t mind too much now and she does do the emotional scenes really well. 🙂


  4. I have severe book amnesia for the Divergent trilogy because Allegiant completely turned me sour toward whole series after I’d read it, even though I faintly remember that I’d loved Insurgent most of all. The ending wasn’t spoiled for me, thankfully, or I may never have read it, but I didn’t like where the entire book was going at all. Suffice to say that if I ever do catch Insurgent, it’ll be as a separate entity as the books. Good to hear that Shailene Woodley’s acting improved in this movie, and that you enjoyed it! I was a little skeptical about her during Divergent’s release.


    1. I have a little confession: I actually remember liking Allegiant. Again, I have a bit of book amnesia, but I do remember liking it – although not the ending so much. I wish it had turned out differently for Tris. I also remember really sobbing while reading this book, although I can’t entirely remember why.

      I feel as though Woodley is always best when acting emotional scenes; that’s when we see her at her best, I think.

      I hope you like Insurgent when you see it. 🙂


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