A Dream Come True


I SAW HOGWARTS AND DIAGON ALLEY! Sorry about that. As you may have gathered, I am a little hyper… My mum and I are big Harry Potter fans and being the awesome mother she is, bought tickets to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. This is where I spent part of my birthday: wandering around the Warner Bros. studios.

20150304_153013         20150304_144937Not to sound cliche, but it was a magical experience! For some reason I was under the impression that it would be a guided tour – I have no idea why I thought this. However, most of it is not. It starts with you and the rest of the people for that time slot of the day, going into a room with a member of staff – who was rather funny – and watching screens on the wall where producers of the movie etc. talk about how the movies got started etc. and then the doors ‘magically’ open and you walk into a cinema where you watch a short video. Once the video is over, the screen rises and there…in front of you…is the door to the Great Hall. It was very surreal. The member of staff who guided us through the Great Hall, asked if it was anyone’s birthday; my mum of course was pointing to me. Me being me – who is shy – was not going to stand in front of all those people while they were taking photos. There was another girl there celebrating her birthday, so she got to open the door. Never mind… I don’t mind – I do however want the birthday badge she got.

20150304_134031      20150304_133610After we were walked through the Great Hall, we were then let loose on the rest of the studio. You get to walk around and see the props, the different rooms from the movies and you get to see Privet Drive.

20150304_143322      20150304_143337
I’m not sure why, but I thought Privet Drive would be a street somewhere, but it was a small section of a street on a studio lot. That’s the illusion shattered then. Sorry, have I shattered this illusion for you too? That can happen on the tour, but it’s still incredible!

Some of my favourite parts of the tour were:

  • The potions room – Who would have thought one of my favourite rooms would be a classroom? There was something about it: I liked the stonework walls, seeing the potion’s textbook sitting on the table and seeing the cauldron ‘alive’ – it was stirring itself! The mannequin of Professor Snape was cool and creepy all at the same time; I kept expecting to see Alan Rickman’s face there.

20150304_135653      20150304_135500

  • I loved seeing Dumbledore’s office! I want Dumbledore’s office as my own! It was so weird standing in the office, seeing all the paintings on the walls; seeing all the books and Dumbledore’s desk.

    Look, it’s Dumbledore!
  • My most favourite part was standing on Diagon Alley. I stepped onto the cobbles and just took a moment and thought: Wow, I am standing on Diagon Alley. Granted, it is not as spectacular as what you see in the movies – it really does give you a new appreciation of what goes into putting the movies together and what amazing effects can be accomplished on the computer – but it was incredible getting to walk on those cobbles and see Ollivanders and to see the Weasley twins’ joke shop. Seriously, I can’t even explain how much I loved it!
This is so gross, it’s awesome.


The tour all in all was just AMAZING! There was a green room where you go and, I think, see yourself on a screen flying on a broomstick – I didn’t go in there. There were a lot of kids queuing up for this. It was just great being able to go around at your own pace and explore. It was nice being able to see models of buildings etc. and see the artwork.


It was an incredible day; one of my best birthdays! I thoroughly enjoyed it! I long to go again.

My reaction when I saw this, was: Wow!
Anyone for a game of chess?
Anyone for a game of Chess?
Which wand will choose you?
Which wand will choose you?
From the gift shop – it is sooo expensive!

Have you ever visited the Harry Potter Studio Tour? If so, did you enjoy it? Does my enthusiasm come across? If you haven’t been, do you long to go? Share in my enthusiasm. 


9 thoughts on “A Dream Come True

  1. Aw man, I love posts like this. Seriously. I’ve read so many “I went to the London Tour/Florida Theme Park” posts, but they’re all different and they’re all equally enthusiastic, and I love that. Can’t wait to go myself one day! Happy birthday ^_^


  2. I totally would have pretended it’s my birthday haha. It’s awesome, but I’m not sure I’d like to go, because I like to keep my illusions. 😀 The one thing that I would like to experience is to walk down Diagon Alley though. It looks like it’s a real street with real shops (or the outsides of shops at least) in all the pictures, so that would be incredibly neat. The classrooms and Dumbledore’s office without the mannequins would be pretty cool too!


    1. Lol. Yes, it does shatter a few illusions. I would have liked Diagon Alley to have been a little longer though – it was a short street. Do you find the mannequins creepy as well? I liked seeing the clothes on the mannequins, but the no face thing was kind of creepy.


  3. What. No. JEALOUSY. Honestly, this is so fabulous. And I never knew Dumbledore’s office was part of the place — although DIAGON ALLEY. Honestly. I want all the ice cream and books and wands 😀


    1. Lol. Thanks! I know: Ice cream, books and wands sound great. I really wish it was possible to see the inside, instead of only being able to see the outside of Ollivanders etc.

      Thanks for commenting, Alyssa. 🙂


  4. THIS IS SO SO COOL. I haven’t even finished reading Harry Potter (yes yes I had a very sad childhood where I didn’t read it. WHAT EVEN IS THIS. And I’m only reading it now and I’m procrastinating because I’m up to book 5 and I feel like it’s going to get so much more intense now) Ohhh but I would so love to do something like this. *adds to bucket-list* It sounds magical and amazing.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    1. I don’t even remember what age I was when I read the books. I should probably reread them at some point, to refresh my memory. I did reread a few of them last year, but that was a year ago, so you know, book amnesia strikes again. The books get bigger as the series goes on; it’s a lot to read, but worth it – everyone should read Harry Potter at some point in their lives.

      I hope you get to check it off your bucket-list at some point. 🙂


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