Top Five Authors

Lately, I’ve been thinking about who I consider to be some of my favourite authors and then after reading a post by Amy over at, I got thinking about it some more and wondered if I could narrow it down to five authors. Seriously, what was I thinking?! It’s more difficult then it may seem.

Of course, there are many more authors that I like – and there will be many more in the future that I will love – but I think that I have managed to narrow down my top five favourites.

  • Deborah Harkness – If you haven’t read the ‘All Souls’ trilogy, then what is wrong with you?! Nothing, I’m sure you’re perfect, of course. You do however have one flaw: you haven’t read the ‘All Souls’ trilogy. I haven’t read anything else from Harkness – I don’t think she has wrote anything else, not fiction anyway. This series alone has earned Harkness a spot in my top five. This is not a YA series like the books I usually read, but I am a sucker for anything supernatural. One of the things I love about this series, and this I think is a credit to how good Harkness’ writing is, is that each of the characters have something you like about them – apart from the obvious baddies that is. I truly miss reading about these characters – I must reread this series at some point.
  • Alyxandra Harvey – The ‘Drake Chronicles’ were the first books of Harveys’ that I read. What I love about Harveys’ books is that they always have strong, witty female characters – the ones that I have read, as there are unfortunately a couple that I haven’t read yet. I loved Lucy from the ‘Drake Chronicles’ – I want her as my friend. All the characters that she creates – in general – are great. I loved the Drake brothers. See, how much I love Harveys’ work? I keep using the word love… That’s annoying… Adore, instead? I adore Harveys’ books. The ‘Lovegrove Legacy’ series is also amazing!
  • Patrick Ness – My friend Asti, recommended that I read Patrick Ness books; I’m so glad that I did! I absolutely love, love, love the ‘Chaos Walking’ trilogy! I have really enjoyed Ness’ other books, but the ‘Chaos Walking’ trilogy are definitely my favourite!
  • Rainbow Rowell – Oh, how I have fallen in love with Rowells’ books. I have only read two of Rowells’ books so far – Fangirl and Eleanor and Park – but they captured my heart. Okay, that’s a bit sappy; I am not a sappy person, so that must tell you how much I enjoyed these books. I just fell in love with the characters – especially Levi! How does anyone not love Levi?! So, if you haven’t read these books, then I urge you to. I know not everyone is a fan of contemporary, so you may not want to try them, but you never know… you might just like them.
  • Laini Taylor – Anyone who has read the ‘Daughter of Smoke and Bone’ trilogy, will most likely understand why Taylor has made my top five. Taylor has a way with words and her books are filled with beautiful writing.

So, that’s my top five… Are any of the above authors your favourites? If not, tell me who are – I always like recommendations. Are you like me and find it really hard narrowing down who your favourite authors are?


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