Movie Review: The Book Thief

Unfortunately, it has taken awhile for me to get round to watching this movie – I didn’t manage to get to the cinema to watch it and I have only just bought the DVD.

Only moments before I started writing this review, I was watching The Book Thief. My eyes are now red and puffy. This is what this movie – like the book – has reduced me to: a flood of tears. I cried a number of times during the movie… but that ending… The tears would not stop flowing.

I was a little worried at the beginning, as I wasn’t sure I would like the movie as much as the book. My worry dissipated as the movie went on. It is difficult to not compare the movie against the book. There were times when I was thinking: Oh, I wonder why they changed that part? Or, why did they leave that person out?  It is rare that the movie follows the book completely. These small changes however, did not take away from how much I liked the movie.

There is however just one small thing that bugged me, and that was at the very beginning. If you have read the book or seen the movie – and if you haven’t, then you really must. Although, I understand anyone’s reluctance to, as there are some difficult things to read and watch due to the fact that it is set in Nazi Germany – then you will know that the narrator is Death. Whenever I speak of The Book Thief, I always mention that it has one of the best first pages that I have read. Part of it reads:

You are going to die.

However the voice of Death in the movie, I feel, did not quite deliver this line. It’s probably just me – I’m being picky, I know – but I think because I had high expectations, it didn’t quite deliver on this part, for me. I did like the narrator more after this beginning part of the movie though.

I thought the acting was well done, and the movie in general was nicely put together. I really did like seeing Himmel Street come to life. I loved seeing the relationships that I adored in the book brought to the screen.

It was moving, heartbreaking and at times anger inducing to watch. Very well done!

4 out of 5 stars.

the book thief

So, are you like me? Were you in tears watching this movie? Did it meet your expectations?


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Book Thief

  1. I didn’t tear up watching the movie as I did the book (I’m not sure why though, movies usually make me cry pretty easily), but I did enjoy it. I think my main thought was similar to yours, I wasn’t completely happy about Death. Nothing as specific as you (how he delivers that one line), but just that he wasn’t more prominent in the movie overall. Still, not a bad adaptation, and a great book.


    1. Haha, yes I was very precise about what I didn’t like about Death. I think because the first page had such an impact by drawing me in, I had a clear view of how I wanted it delivered. I get what you mean about Death not being in the movie as much, but I think because they have to condense the book into a movie, they probably couldn’t have Death always talking.

      I was a complete wreak at the end of the movie. I was a complete wreak reading the book. I don’t know how I have any tears left lol.


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