Cried Like a Baby


My name’s Chantelle and I sometimes cry like a baby while reading (also while watching movies). There. I said it. Sometimes there is sobbing involved. Actual sobbing! And, it’s not just sad crying; I cry happy tears as well. Although, if I’m reading while out in public I’m conscious of people being around, so I may shed a tear but won’t full-on cry. When I’m at home, it’s an entirely different matter: the tears just flow.

Although I’m sure that there have been many more books that have made me cry, I’m going to talk about some that I can distinctly remember causing the waterworks to turn on.


The first is Wonder. I mentioned that the tears are not always sad tears, but happy tears; this is what happened while reading Wonder. If you have had the pleasure of reading this book, then you may remember the graduation scene. I won’t reveal any spoilers, but I found this scene moving and I was happy for the main character, which moved me to tears.


The next is the last book in the Chaos Walking trilogy: Monsters of Men. I am a big Patrick Ness fan (I’m so glad a friend told me about his books). These books were the first Ness books I read; they are incredible! I’m not sure which of the books in this series made me cry – it may have been all of them – but I’m pretty certain that Monsters of Men did.


The Book Thief  has one of the best first pages that I have read; it instantly grabs your attention. The narrator is unique and attention grabbing. This is one of the books that left me in a flood of tears. I can’t tell you how moving, funny, sad and incredible this book is – well I just did, but you know what I mean.


I can’t remember too much that happened in  Allegiant  – book amnesia strikes again –  also because all of the books in the series have kind of blended together. I do remember completely sobbing though. Book amnesia is seriously annoying! I may have to reread this at some point – if I ever find the time! There’s so many books that I haven’t read yet that take priority first.


OMG! This was my reaction after I read the twist in We Were Liars. It’s so difficult to not reveal any spoilers here, but you know that song, ‘Cry Me a River’? I think that’s what my tear-ducts were trying to do; they had a mind of their own and the tears were released in floods. E. Lockhart has an interesting writing style and I did not see that twist coming. Maybe subconsciously I did and just didn’t want it to happen. Maybe…

I look forward to the next book that makes me cry – is that weird? If a book manages to make me cry, that’s usually an indication that it is a good book.

TearAre there any books that have left you in floods of tears? Do you cry happy tears? Please tell me it’s not just me. 

(Look, it’s one of my tears – and yes, my tears are that shade of blue. Don’t tell anyone: I’m an alien ;))

2 thoughts on “Cried Like a Baby

  1. I don’t really cry when I read, but I CRY ON THE INSIDE. Omg, it’s a regular waterfall on the inside sometimes. But books that have actually gotten my eyes wet are probably Allegient, The Book Thief, and Perks of Being a Wallflower. And I totally just finished The Last Time We Say Goodbye and I choked up. OMG AND ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES! Can’t forget that one. I literally cried for that one.
    I love sad books, I love them but I hate them because feeeels. XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    1. I get what you mean: I love sad books because they are usually so beautifully written and it’s great when a book can evoke such emotion, but I’m usually left an emotional wreak. The tears… So many tears! And the puffy eyes… Omg, my eyes are always red after.

      I want to read The Last Time We Say Goodbye and All the Bright Places – I’ll have the tissues ready then, if they’re that sad.

      No problem, you have a great blog; I enjoy reading it. 🙂


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